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The Forward Party of Pennsylvania Announces Support of Cameron Schroy in His Bid to Oust Doug Mastriano from the State Senate

Schroy, the presumptive Democratic nominee and career civics teacher, pledges to focus on solving real problems facing Pennsylvanians in their daily lives

GETTYSBURG, Pa., April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Forward Party of Pennsylvania today announced the affiliation of Cameron Schroy, the presumptive Democratic nominee for PA Senate District 33. The lifelong resident of Franklin County hopes to unseat Doug Mastriano so that the people of the district can be represented by someone looking to solve the problems they face every day.

Christian Fyke, Chair of the Forward Party of Pennsylvania, said, "The Forward Party rejects political extremism and has, as a core value, the defense of the rule of law. It's important for us to support candidates when they're running against elected officials who have attacked the basis of our democracy."

Schroy said of the affiliation, "I am running as a Forward Democrat because we must move our country forward. Partisanship and division are holding us back, and we need new, cooperative leadership that puts the people first. The Forward Party wants to reshape the political landscape for the better?and so do I. I fully welcome their support, am proud of their endorsement, and am proud to call myself a Forward Democrat."

At the announcement event at the Adams County Courthouse in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Forward national Co-chair Andrew Yang said, "The hard working people of this district deserve a candidate who will spend their time solving problems rather than focusing on conspiracy theories. Cameron Schroy is that candidate?an energetic and idealistic young man with a long history of public service. Who better to serve in government than a lifelong civics teacher?"

Yang continued, "By affiliating with the Forward Party today, he shows that he will work towards compromise and solutions, and not be beholden to interest groups with rigid ideologies. Through seeking practical solutions to the issues that face this district and Pennsylvanians, he will make sure everyone in the Keystone State has the chance to build a good life for themselves and their families."

The Forward Party is focused on state and local races, particularly where unchallenged candidates have won seats and are preventing the government from listening to the will of the people. Doug Mastriano is a nationally known example of someone more interested in denying elections and promoting conspiracy theories. Supporting candidates of good character against these kinds of politicians is a key part of the Party's short-term strategy.

The Forward Party is bringing moderates, conservatives, and progressives together to heal our political divisions, find our shared ground, and create a brighter future for America. Forward Party candidates are accountable to the voters, and they will focus on solutions, not partisan fighting, in order to serve their constituents better. https://www.forwardparty.com

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