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Le Lézard is a technologies and scientific news website. The news are dedicated to French-speaking communities in general, but the news are not regional. Furthermore, some news are brief and popularized. The reason: Why have multiple pages on a news story when we know the reader rarely gets to the end of the article?

Online since the 22 of September 2000, Le Lézard has evolved year after year, just like a molting lizard. In June 2003, Le Lézard associated with Génération Flash. The mission: to make Le Lézard even better.

In 2006, press releases are added to the website. At the start of 2013, it becomes the website's main focus.

Why "Le Lézard" as a name?

A single question, but many answers. Why Yahoo.com?

Definition of the term "Lézard" (lizard) from Oxford Dictionaries:

« A reptile that typically has a long body and tail, four legs, movable eyelids, and a rough, scaly, or spiny skin. »

The reason for the name, it's by taste. It's by liking those small and quick reptiles that the idea for the website hatched. A name with the word "news" was too common. Moreover, a small name is preferable for a domain name: www.LeLezard.com. But as time goes by, we quickly realize the website resembles its namesake.

Lizards are curious reptiles. They walk, run and jump from rock to rock, from wall to wall or from branch to branch. If something attracts its attention, it's on the look-out and watches. Otherwise, it keeps going. When grows, it changes, mutates, changes its skin.

The Revelation!

Alright, we are not lizards of subcontracting or lizards recruited by the FBI. But know one thing: We know we aren't the best, but we give the best of what we've got!

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