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Chinese Jiuxian Group Leads the Transformation of China Liquor Industry

Recently, The 110th China Food and Drinks Fair in Chengdu city came to an end. This industry feast brought together liquor brands from all over the country, among which Jiuxian Group once again attracted people's attention with its unique charm and strength.

At this Fair, Jiuxian Group made a brand-new appearance, showing its elegant demeanor as a leading liquor retail enterprise. Hao Hongfeng from Jiuxian Group said, "In 2023, Jiuxian Group formed an operating system integrating livestreaming, offline chain stores and private brand operation." In the new liquor industry cycle, the diversification of consumption has brought the diversification of channels. How to win the new cycle and win consumers has become the key for channel providers to break the game. The exploration of Jiuxian Group has brought new enlightenment to the Chinese liquor circulation industry.

Jiuxian Group actively embraced livestreaming. Via detailed planning and efficient implementation, in addition to popularizing "Jiuxian Lafeige", the first online liquor leading livestreamer at TikTok, Jiuxian has successively cooperated with Taobao and Meituan since 2023. On the first day of the test livestreaming at Meituan, "Jiuxian Daliang" got off to a good start, and the exposure rate of the livestreaming continued to rise the next day. As of 9:00 that night, it successfully drove the store sales to exceed 20 million yuan. And another strong IP "Jiuxian Liangge" also broke through 10 million yuan in the first livestreaming at Taobao 618. And in the last livestreaming of Taobao's 88th Member's Day on August 11th, "Jiuxian Liangge" rushed to the first place in the real-time list of Taobao's livestreaming, achieving sales of more than 50 million yuan. This also enabled "Jiuxian Liangge" to successfully hold the leading position of Taobao liquor Livestreaming, and once again made Jiuxian livestreaming amazing.

Jiuxian Group's innovative practice in livestreaming marketing has also been widely recognized by the industry. Many media and institutions have reported and analyzed the case of livestreaming marketing of Jiuxian Group, believing that its successful experience has led the digital transformation of China's liquor industry.

Jiuxian Group
E-commerce Field
Via its e-commerce platforms, www.Jiuxian.com and Jiuxian APP, Jiuxian Group has realized the online sales of alcoholic products, providing consumers with convenient channels to buy alcoholic drinks. Jiuxian Group's B2C model breaks through the limitation of traditional sales channels and maximizes commercial profits.

Livestreaming Field
The MCN team was hatched in Jiuxian Group, and a number of leading livestreaming masters were trained through livestreaming platform, such as "Jiuxian Lafeige", "Jiuxian Liangge", "Jiuxian Daliang" and "Jiuxian Sister Gege". Via live sales and interaction, user stickiness is increased and sales channels are expanded.

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