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New global climate action initiative harnesses Canada's AI expertise

TORONTO, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an effort to combat the global climate crisis, the Vector Institute and the Turkish Informatics Foundation through its Be Node platform have launched the Global AI Alliance for Climate Action. This international partnership will connect Vector's leading artificial intelligence (AI) research community with global climate action groups to explore the transformative power of AI towards sustainable solutions for some of the most critical environmental challenges of our time.

The alliance will first identify the landscape of current climate action efforts and determine where AI can be most effectively applied. The alliance will then identify the most impactful climate groups taking actions across the globe in the lead up to an AI and climate change conference happening in Istanbul later this year. At the conference, Vector AI researchers and international climate activists will explore actionable solutions for the climate crisis. Post-conference, the alliance aims to develop AI-driven strategies for predicting fires and floods, enhancing renewable energy use, and tackling health issues related to climate change.

"The Vector Institute's leadership with the Global AI Alliance for Climate Action marks a pivotal moment in our global fight against climate change. By connecting Vector's leading AI research community with international climate action groups, we can bridge the gap between research and real-world impact to explore AI-enabled solutions for a sustainable future." - Deval Pandya, VP of AI Engineering, Vector Institute; Global AI Alliance for Climate Action Technical Lead

"The Vector Institute and Be Node collaboration unlocks the potential for efficient, innovative, and respectful solutions for our environment and future generations. A collective approach to addressing climate change is vital as the challenges are too complex for any single entity to tackle alone." - Sedef Akinli Kocak, Director Professional Development, Vector Institute; Global AI Alliance for Climate Action Impact and Sustainability Lead

"Global AI Alliance for Climate Action is a significant project for the world to reach a sustainable future. It will also show that Turkish civil society can bring an international network of experts for a shared vision for the future." - Faruk Eczac?ba??, President, Turkish Informatics Foundation

"AI is the power needed to solve the climate crisis. We need to collaborate with local climate groups to find solutions to the consequences of the climate crisis. The biggest deficiency of these groups is technical support. We believe that this deficiency can be solved by civil society." - Ceren Zeytino?lu At?c?, Co-founder and Global Expansion Lead, Be Node; Global AI Alliance for Climate Action Project Lead

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