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Paris Hilton's 11:11 Media Impact Press Conference Recap Following Abuse Allegations at Troubled Teen School

In response to horrific abuse allegations and the removal of seven American boys from Atlantis Leadership Academy in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, Paris Hilton, an institutional child abuse survivor and known child advocate against institutional child abuse and neglect in youth residential programs, flew to Jamaica to advocate for the boys and spoke publicly in the town Atlantis Leadership Academy once resided. Paris' nonprofit 11:11 Media Impact, the social impact arm of her next-gen media company, hosted the press conference today.

With the facility shut down amidst an investigation into serious abuse allegations, and following a formal court hearing related to the case that took place today, Paris Hilton and the other esteemed speakers addressed this situation and foreign Troubled Teen programs, a global issue that requires systemic change. American parents have shipped their children, including many adoptees, across international borders to facilities and countries they've never seen. These boys have been in the custody and care of Jamaica's Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) since early February while the agency determines appropriate placements stateside. The Jamaican authorities' response to this crisis has been commendable.

The press conference covered the serious abuse and neglect allegations against Atlantis Leadership Academy, including claims that youth were subjected to beatings, chokeholds, starvation, and denied a proper education.

Hilton and her team are working closely with lawyers and advocates to advocate on behalf of the seven boys abused by the Academy, providing them with direct aid, as well as encouraging immediate and swift action from all authorities involved. 11:11 Media Impact hopes getting involved helps play a critical role in safeguarding these young lives. One boy was released at the court today to his family, and another boy will be released on Monday.

During the press conference, Hilton explained, "Atlantis Leadership Academy is not a one-off program. This is a global issue that requires systemic change. American-owned youth residential programs are currently operating and housing vulnerable American youth in Mexico, Samoa, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, and many other locations around the world."

Hilton continued, "My visit here is a show of support for the Jamaican action that has been taken and for encouraging the U.S. government at all levels to take this issue seriously and to act with urgency. While we wait for the government to take action, survivors will continue to uncover this broken system and expose those who are putting profits over the wellbeing of our most vulnerable youth. We will protect the powerless ourselves."

Children's Rights Attorney Dawn J. Post added, "I realize that the same issues that plague the child welfare system in the U.S. including predatory residential youth programs also similarly impact families seeking private placement. Unlike facilities that cater to the child welfare system, private youth residential programs like Atlantis Leadership Academy are often unlicensed, unsupervised, and unregulated."

Hilton concluded the press conference by saying, "Today I am grateful to be on the ground in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, to advocate for these boys. I am grateful to local authorities for intervening to save American children. I hope this is the beginning of a long partnership between Jamaica and the United States that finally leads to the closure of all American-owned youth residential programs operating on the island. This country is too beautiful and too kind to host these kinds of facilities."

Paris Hilton founded 11:11 Media Impact after debuting her YouTube Originals Documentary, This is Paris, which shined a spotlight on her experience within the Troubled Teen Industry as a teenager. Since the 2020 premiere, 11:11 Media Impact has supported the passage of eight state laws, has introduced the federal, bipartisan Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act (H.R 2955, S.1351), and has developed Trapped in Treatment ? an investigative podcast in partnership iHeartMedia and Warner Bros. Unscripted Television in association with Telepictures, with its second season set to debut at the end of April. Paris' personal lived experience motivates her to use her platform and resources to provide support for institutional abuse survivors and fight to ensure no more children are abused in the name of "treatment."

If you're a survivor of Atlantis Leadership Academy, reach out to 1111mediaimpact.com.

About 11:11 Media

11:11 Media is a global, next-gen entertainment company at the center of pop culture ? connecting content, community and commerce ? founded by Paris Hilton and entertainment industry veteran Bruce Gersh in 2021. The company spans a broad array of businesses including film, TV, audio, music, books, consumer products, digital and web3, with passion points around lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness, art, travel and more. Elevating brands, building communities, and driving social impact through the power of storytelling, experiences and products is the core mission of 11:11 Media.

11:11 Media Impact is the only media company dedicated to reforming the Troubled Teen Industry, inspired by its CEO Paris Hilton's lived experience. Impact has influenced the passage of eight state laws to make youth residential treatment facilities safer, a law in Northern Ireland banning physical restraint, led the introduction of the bipartisan federal Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act, inspired a federal investigation into the Troubled Teen Industry; and developed Trapped in Treatment ? an investigative podcast in partnership iHeartMedia, and Warner Bros. Unscripted Television in association with Telepictures. 11:11 Media Impact manages a national coalition of 70+ organizations in the child welfare, disability, juvenile justice, and mental health space to lift the silos of these systems and work together towards collective preventative mental health solutions for our nation's most vulnerable youth.

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