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Pennsylvania Forward Party Announces Two Candidates for Statewide Office in Events Across the State

Andrew Yang and Gov. Christine Whitman were on site to announce Eric Settle for Attorney General and Chris Foster for Treasurer

HARRISBURG, Pa., March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In events held in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia today, the Forward Party announced two candidates for statewide office. Eric Settle, a former Republican from Montgomery County, is running for Attorney General, and Chris Foster, a former Democrat from Allegheny County, is running for Treasurer. Both will be running as Forward candidates.

Eric Settle is a distinguished attorney who has served as Deputy General Counsel to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge and as Chief Counsel in the healthcare industry. (LinkedIn)

Chris Foster is a youthful entrant into politics, with experience as both an entrepreneur and a tennis professional.  (LinkedIn)

At the announcement event in the shadow of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, national Forward Party Co-chair, Governor Christie Whitman, introduced the Attorney General candidate by stating, "Eric Settle's legal expertise, coupled with a long career of public and community service, would make him a formidable candidate for Attorney General of Pennsylvania in either of the legacy parties. Instead, he has chosen to run under the banner of the Forward Party because he knows Pennsylvanians want their Attorney General to be independent of partisan ideology in their decision making."

Eric said, "The Attorney General of Pennsylvania has paramount responsibilities to protect the rule of law, to help keep all of us safe in our communities, and to safeguard the integrity of our government, by rooting out corruption by public officials and protecting the fairness of our elections. In fact, the next Attorney General will be crucial in safeguarding free elections in Pennsylvania."

He continued, "Pennsylvania needs a truly independent Attorney General not beholden to either legacy party to enforce the law without fear or favor and move the Commonwealth not right, not left, but forward."

National co-Chair Andrew Yang announced Chris Foster's campaign at the grand overlook at Mount Washington, with the skyline of Pittsburgh in the background. Yang said, "Chris Foster is exactly what this commonwealth, and this country, needs in politics and government?a young member of our community dedicated to public service, choosing to step into the arena of politics. We need more people to put themselves forward and fight for real solutions to our problems, and push us beyond the hyperpartisanship and gridlock that Democrats and Republicans too often provide."

In introducing himself, Chris stated, "The Democrats and Republicans fight all the time over money, forgetting it's your money. We shouldn't let them have the job of Treasurer with its critical responsibility for watching over the integrity of the money all Pennsylvanians send to Harrisburg. A Treasurer not beholden to the political machines of either major party is one you can count on for financial accuracy and reliability."

Christian Fyke, Chair of the Forward Party of Pennsylvania, said, "We have two candidates who have signed our pledge, promising to carry out their campaigns and elected duties with a focus on the will of the voters, and to act with the highest levels of ethics and integrity. The campaigns of these candidates will also serve to provide Forward official recognition as a political party in the Keystone State, thus allowing us to nominate similarly dedicated and principled public servants and provide better options to Pennsyvanians in future elections."

At a joint statewide ticket event near the Capitol in Harrisburg, Forward CEO Lindsey Drath concluded the day's events: "The Forward Party is a rising movement among and on behalf of America's largest voting bloc?Independents who are dissatisfied with both the Republicans and the Democrats. Just like in 1776, Pennsylvania is leading the way towards a brighter and better democracy, with candidates like Eric Settle for Attorney General and Chris Foster for Treasurer, who will focus on ensuring the voices of Pennsylvania voters are once again respected in this government."

The Forward Party is bringing moderates, conservatives, and progressives together to heal our political divisions, find our shared ground, and create a brighter future for America. Forward Party candidates are accountable to the voters, and they will focus on solutions, not partisan fighting, in order to serve their constituents better. https://www.forwardparty.com

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