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Dreame Technology Introduces 'Spring Cleaning' Promotion Campaign for Effortless Home Cleaning Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- From March 20th to April 20th, Dreame Technology, an innovator in home appliances, is set to launch its 'Spring Cleaning' Promotion campaign across selected products for customers in the United States and Canada. This initiative offers customers accesses to special prices on Dreame's official website and Amazon store.

Featured Products:

L20 Ultra:

Designed to address the perennial challenge of edge cleaning, the L20 Ultra stands out with its advanced cleaning system and versatile functionalities applied to diverse household environments. Featuring extendable, liftable, and detachable mop pads, alongside automatic mop removal technology that allows customizable cleaning plans based on surface type, the L20 Ultra ensures thorough and efficient edge cleaning. Equipped with the powerful Vormaxtm Suction System packs 7,000Pa of suction power, this model guarantees effective dust removal and a high pick-up rate. Additionally, its built-in LED facilitates obstacle detection and efficient cleaning even in dimly lit spaces.

Moreover, the L20 Ultra incorporates built-in dirt detection technology, utilizing data from previous cleaning cycles to determine whether additional cleaning is necessary.

H12 Pro:

Perfect for handling pet hair, dust, and spills, the H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum is a valuable addition to household cleaning arsenal. Representing Dreame's offering in the smart vacuum/mop combo category, the H12 Pro features a wider roller brush for precise cleaning and a self-cleaning function with a hot air dryer to prevent moldy odors.

With an improved edge-to-edge high-speed rotating brush and three cleaning modes, the H12 Pro effortlessly tackles hard-to-reach areas and various types of messes. Its 900mL clean-water tank ensures prolonged cleaning sessions, while dual-rotation action and advanced self-cleaning capabilities maintain excellent performance. Thanks to its advanced self-cleaning capabilities, the device can disentangle hair and scrub off dirt, ensuring that you're always vacuuming with a clean brush. Additionally, equipped with a serrated brush scraper, it can also clean itself as it glides along the floor.

X30 Ultra:

Unveiled at CES 2024, the X30 Ultra stands as Dreame's flagship robot vacuum and mop combo, offering up to 75 days of hands-free operation with a 3.2L dust bag. Boasting 8,300Pa suction power, five customizable carpet-cleaning modes, dual oscillating mop heads, MopExtend cleaning capability, and the ability to evaluate dirt levels and double back on areas that need extra attention, the X30 Ultra incorporates Dreame's cutting-edge technology to alleviate the burden of floor cleaning.

Featuring an auto-clean base station, the X30 Ultra automatically empties the vacuum's dust bin, cleans its mop pads with hot water, and thoroughly dries them using hot air. Soon to be released, the Anti-Tangle TriCut brush, designed for compatibility with the X30 Ultra, promises effectively removal of tangled hair, catering to the needs of pet owners or individuals with long hair.

About Dreame Technology

Established in 2017, Dreame Technology is an innovative consumer product company that focuses on smart home cleaning appliances with the vision to empower lives through technology. Stay updated by following us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

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