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SecureVotePA: Pa.'s elections work because of tried-and-tested systems that ensure votes are cast fairly, counted correctly

HARRISBURG, Pa., March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, SecureVotePA, a nonpartisan project of the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), announced its launch to promote the integrity of Pennsylvania's elections by educating voters about the tried-and-tested systems that ensure votes are cast fairly and counted correctly.

SecureVotePA's coalition includes local leaders, government officials, election professionals and volunteers, along with community stakeholders from around the Commonwealth. SecureVotePA will work with these community leaders to answer voters' questions and give them a behind-the-scenes look at the many checks and balances in place to safeguard the electoral process.

"Pennsylvania's elections work because we have tried-and-tested systems in place to make sure votes are cast fairly and counted correctly," said Jerry Feaser, the former elections director of Dauphin County. "Voters need to know that our elections have numerous built-in safeguards before, during and after the casting of ballots. As such, voters should feel confident that the final election results are accurate and reflect the voice of Pennsylvanians."

As the 2024 presidential election draws near, SecureVotePA is engaging with voters to answer questions about how the electoral process works, who is involved in that process and what safeguards are in place to guarantee accuracy. Election officials and poll workers who work tirelessly to ensure the fairness of Pennsylvania's elections are critical to this system.

"Election officials and poll workers receive training to familiarize themselves with the process, rules and laws, and people from both parties are involved to ensure fairness," said Lauren Cristella, president & CEO of Committee of Seventy, a SecureVotePA partner. "These dedicated friends, neighbors and co-workers who staff local election offices and polling places know how important it is to keep our democracy safe and secure, and they take that responsibility seriously."

Throughout the year, members and partners of SecureVotePA will educate voters by hosting events and forums to increase public awareness about the voting process. These events will gather community leaders and everyday Pennsylvanians to have candid conversations about the state's elections.

"The bottom line is that Pennsylvania's elections are safe, secure and accurate," said Dave Reed, the former majority leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. "Just as those who protect our vote take their responsibility seriously, we have a responsibility to ensure voters are confident when they go to the polls. That means demonstrating the integrity of the system, answering voters' important questions, and continuously working to reinforce the safeguards on the system going forward."

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SecureVotePA, a nonpartisan project with the Campaign Legal Center, is a public education campaign focused on affirming trust in our elections. The initiative is a growing coalition committed to informing the public about the election process. For more information, please visit www.SecureVotePA.com.

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