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Vitalii Hersak: Ukraine should become a country friendly to war veterans

KYIV, Ukraine and WASHINGTON, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On February 29, in Kyiv and Washington, a landmark conference on veteran policy in Ukraine convened, marking a pivotal collaboration between Ukrainian and American experts. Together, they embarked on crafting an Action Plan and Analytical Report, drawing from valuable American insights. These documents, slated for unveiling in April at a conference in Washington and presentation to the U.S. Congress, seek to elevate the support framework for veterans and their families in Ukraine.

The initiative was spearheaded by esteemed organizations including "Free and Faithful" (Vilni ta Virni), "US Ukrainian Activists," Institute for Democracy and Development "PolitA," and the NGO "White Ribbon Ukraine."

Vitalii Hersak, Chair of "Free and Faithful," expressed optimism regarding Ukraine's potential to integrate international best practices into its veteran policy domain.

"We have a wealth of knowledge to glean from our global partners to truly cultivate a veteran-friendly Ukraine. I am confident that our collective efforts will pave the way for an effective ecosystem encompassing social welfare, medical provisions, psychological resilience, and economic empowerment for veterans," he emphasized.

Participants at the conference engaged in insightful dialogues and knowledge-sharing sessions concerning the implementation of enduring strategies for medical care, psychological rehabilitation, and the resolution of socio-economic challenges affecting veterans.

Distinguished representatives from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine actively contributed to the discourse. Notable American figures, including Bonnie Carroll, President of TAPS, Andre Hollis, Head of Tiger International Advisors, and Nathan White-Wilson, Head of the Gallant Knights Private Security Services, provided invaluable perspectives.

Kateryna Odarchenko, Head of the Institute for Democracy and Development "PolitA," underscored the pivotal role of international collaboration in shaping effective veteran policies and extended gratitude to all project contributors.

"Free and Faithful" (Vilni ta Virni) is an Ukrainian NGO established under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Vitalii Hersak to champion democracy, sovereignty, and European integration in Ukraine, while providing unwavering support to the nation's defenders, war veterans, and their families (viv.org.ua).

"US Ukrainian Activists" is an NGO based in the USA, remains dedicated to supporting Ukraine, its people, and cultural heritage.

Institute for Democracy and Development "PolitA" is a non-profit organization committed to fostering transparent dialogues between the state, business, and society on international level (Institute-polita.us).

White Ribbon Ukraine is an organization dedicated to spearheading social initiatives aimed at combating violence and fostering safer communities.