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Small Businesses Appear Optimistic About Growth Despite Critical Cash Flow Issues, According to Latest Pathward Research

Pathward®, N.A., today announced the release of its "Small Business Credit Habits and Needs" report, which found that while one in three small businesses have struggled with cash flow in the changing economy, 70% consider themselves to be in growth mode.

Based on a survey of 1,000 small business owners and executive decision-makers, the report aims to uncover their financing needs compared to the loan products available to them. Despite indicating optimism for future growth, the survey results reveal Main Street has been faced with critical cash flow issues. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of small businesses reported having just enough cash to remain operational, and 56% anticipated needing funding in the coming year.

"Accessible financing is one of the most critical levers of small business success. When a company's cash flow is under pressure, the inability to deliver on goals can be catastrophic," said Anthony Sharett, President of Pathward and Pathward Financial, Inc. "Pathward is determined to expand access to financing options that keep our small and medium-sized business partners on track and positioned for growth."

Faced with economic headwinds, small businesses have an array of loan options at their disposal ? yet the survey revealed mixed experiences and lack of familiarity when they need financing. With business viability so tied to a solid financial footing, understanding options - and having the comfort to explore them - is vital for sustainable growth.

Notable among the survey's findings:

"Cash flow has a substantial consequence on small businesses. Ninety-two percent (92%) of the companies in our survey who anticipate the need for financing over the next year have experienced the impact of cash flow problems, from delaying product launches to reducing staff," said Christopher Soupal, Division President of Pathward's Commercial Finance business line. "Small businesses need customizable financing options to expand their operations, purchase equipment, or invest in sales and marketing ? and there are more options available than most are aware of."

To learn more about how small businesses are faring in today's environment and their financing habits and needs, you can download the full report on Pathward.com.

Learn more about Pathward's Commercial Finance solutions at Pathward.com/Commercial.


The survey was conducted online in March 2023, among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. small business owners with 10-200 employees, including an oversample of 100 for those working in the manufacturing and insurance industries. Qualifying titles for respondents included Small Business Owners, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, partners, owners and, for companies of 51 or more employees, vice president-level or higher in an accounting or finance function.

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