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Orion Governance Announces the Extension of Python Support to Snowflake's Snowpark

San Mateo, California, Jan. 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orion Governance Inc., the Information Intelligence Company and provider of Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG), a self-defined data fabric, is delighted to announce the extension of Python support to Snowflake's Snowpark. Snowpark is utilized for deploying and processing non-SQL code to construct data pipelines, ML models, and applications within the Snowflake environment. This enhancement broadens Orion's capabilities in discerning data lineage, impact analysis, execution lineage, and cataloging of intricate data pipelines and Python-based applications. Orion's support for Python encompasses field-level lineage and embedded business logic within the Python code.

"At Orion Governance, we are proud to develop cutting-edge technology to empower organizations to drive value out of their data assets through automation, " said Ramesh Shurma, CEO and Founder of Orion Governance. "Python is the most popular programming language in 2023 and widely employed to build data pipelines, in Machine learning and Data Science. Our comprehensive support for Python coupled with coverage of over 70 other technologies, has proven instrumental in helping customers accelerate the implementation of their data strategies, leading to the realization of their desired business outcomes."

About Orion Governance

Orion Governance Inc., known as The Information Intelligence Company, was established in 2017 with a mission to revolutionize the information management landscape. The company's Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) stands out as a vendor/technology-agnostic platform, offering the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry. EIIG boasts persona-based visualizations, enabling the creation of a self-defined data fabric enriched with a diverse array of active metadata and data governance capabilities. These capabilities include detailed data lineage, cataloging, impact analysis traceability, augmented data quality, and analytics. ML/Automation empowers enterprises to assert command over their intricate IT landscape in near real-time.

Orion Governance's clientele comprises Global 5000 companies spanning banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, telecom, and information technology sectors. Key use cases for their platform include cloud migration/modernization, automated data governance, enhanced regulatory compliance, and cost optimization. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Orion maintains a global presence with offices in various U.S. cities, Estonia, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, and India.


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