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China Medical University Hospital's Breakthrough Drug of 'Allogenic mRNA CAR-T' & Its GenAI 'gHi' Standing Out in Healthcare+ Expo (Taiwan) 2023

TAICHUNG, Dec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan's biggest bio-tech annual event, Healthcare+ Expo (Taiwan) 2023, was held in Taipei from November through early December. Numerous medical centers showcased their achievements in bio-tech innovations. Among them, China Medical University Hospital (CMUH, Taiwan) was attracted most attention in the exposition. The "Allogenic mRNA CAR-T" immune cell treatment, which has been approved human clinical trials phase I & II by U.S. FDA since last September, targets globally prevalent cancers such as lung, breast, and colorectal cancers. Additionally, the broad-spectrum anticancer drug, Nano body based "Trispecific Antibody of T cell Engager", represents one of Asia's leading next-generation cancer Nano medicines. Aside from new bio-drugs, the "GenAI healthcare system- gHi," which is the world's first AI generative medical records constructed in the Chinese, English and other languages, significantly cuts medical staff's data entry time by 75%. Those items of the cutting-edge products received great attention at the Healthcare+ Expo (Taiwan) 2023.

CMUH is not only the leading medical center in Taiwan but also the recipient of multiple international medical awards, including U.S. Newsweek's 2024 World's Best Smart Hospitals, the 2023 World's Best Hospitals, and the U.S. HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence (the top honor in smart healthcare), etc. In the news video of Formosa TV, Taiwan's broadcast news station, China Medical University and its Healthcare System recently showcased some of its latest innovations and tech at 2023 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan. The health institution has focused its efforts on fields such as AI smart healthcare, precision healthcare and regenerative medicine. Many of the technologies on display harness some of the latest tech trends such as artificial intelligence, resulting in these advancements garnering much attention from all over the world.

Prof. Der-Yang Cho, Superintendent of CMUH, led the R&D team by analyzing medical big data resources of the hospital. CMUH had examined clinical data on severe diseases and hard-to-treat cancers with leveraging AI smart healthcare and innovative scientific knowledge, and that resulted in leading to many unexpected breakthroughs and innovations in the global medical community. One of significant findings was the identification of critical tumor targets of human leukocyte antigen-G (HLA-G) of the "Allogeneic Non-viral Gene-Edited Multi-targeted Nanoantibody-CAR.BiTE-??T Immune Cells" therapy. Importantly, this breakthrough method successfully eliminated over 90% of solid tumors in preclinical animal experiments. The approach applied to CMUH's unique mRNA electroporation technology that enhances product safety. The leading bio-technology has also received U.S. FDA approval in September for use in human clinical trials.

Prof. Der-Yang Cho, Superintendent of CMUH, mentioned that optimization of the closed and mass production process was pivotal to reduce manufacturing costs, and shorten patients' waiting time for treatment, thus saving precious lives. More significantly, the unique product of immune cells is collected from healthy donors instead of cancer patients, and that is able to guarantee mass-produced for timely use in cancer patients.

As to Nano body based "Trispecific Antibody of T cell Engager," according to Superintendent Cho, the "HLA-G Targeted Exosome Delivering Anticancer Drug", offers a series of targeted exosome drugs for various utilizations. These smart exosome drugs improve the efficiency and safety of delivering small molecules, nucleic acids, and protein-based drugs to the affected sites. Thus, the series represents a prominent Asian innovation in smart exosome drugs, outperforming current treatments in targeting hard-to-treat tumor cells.

At the CMUH exhibition area, a dedicated GenAI "gHi" drew medical professionals' and the general public's attention alike, and enhanced their engagement with and understanding of the AI healthcare experience. The smart healthcare services, "gHi", is the world's first AI generative medical record system constructed mainly in Chinese language, which has been referred to as the Chinese version of Nuance. What makes it very impressive is that it can process several languages mixed together, like Mandarin and English, and even Hakka and Taiwanese, and still maintain an accuracy rate of 94%. With GenAI, the "gHi" is capable of generating verbatim transcripts and medical record summaries in less than a minute, slashing the time medical staff spend on record entry by 75%. It significantly improves administrative efficiency and enables experts to devote more attention to life-saving care.

Furthermore, Intelligent Anti-Microbial system (i.A.M.S.) is among the spotlight bio-tech products in the exposition. Every year in Taiwan, about 160,000 people are diagnosed with sepsis, which has a high mortality rate of 40%. Drawing blood to test for blood cultures usually takes about 72 hours. However, with the Intelligent Anti-Microbial system (i.A.M.S.), the CMUH medical professionals can detect any antibiotic-resistant bacteria within just one hour. Superintendent Cho emphasized, "more importantly, we can reduce the mortality rate by at least 20%. It greatly aids in the early prediction of Multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) and the prediction of sepsis risk and mortality rate. "

The CMUH exhibition area also featured an interactive area for obesity gene testing for the public. Using Real-Time PCR, which requires only a swab for oral mucosal cells, participants were able to scan a QR code in about a week to discover if they carry obesity-related genes. This offered an educational and engaging way for the public to learn about potential obesity causes.

In conclusion, it was without doubt that CMUH's products became a focus of attention in the exposition. Through the Healthcare+ Expo (Taiwan) 2023, the CMUH hopes to enhance the world's premiere medical technology innovation that has been driving improvements in global health.

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