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The World Needs Canadian Energy to Achieve Climate Goals and Energy Security

ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The News Forum (TNF) documentary series focuses on Canadian Energy.

Forum Documentaries are broadcasting three documentaries on Canadian pipelines and energy export Saturday and Sunday 8PM-10PM Eastern Time.

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Canada's commitment to responsible liquefied natural gas (LNG) development stands as a beacon for sustainable energy practices and is driving positive change for First Nations communities while significantly contributing to the global reduction of coal usage.

Canadian LNG initiatives prioritize environmental stewardship, community engagement, and economic prosperity for Canadians and First Nation's communities. As a result, these projects are emerging as a vital part of Canada's energy future and a global solution to combatting climate change.

"There's an energy crisis on one hand and a race against time to reduce emissions on the other. British Columbia's LNG projects can be an answer to solve both these problems in the future...

If we want to be part of the global solution, we in British Columbia have a duty to get our act together and make that global supply readily available...

Eighteen LNG projects were proposed; we're left with one. The ones that hung around were fully endorsed by First Nations ? Woodfibre (Squamish Nation), Cedar LNG (Haisla Nation), KSI LNG (Nisga'a Nation)."

Ellis Ross, MLA, Skeena, British Columbia (1)

"In a world where geopolitics and the geo-economy evolve quickly, it's necessary for like-minded countries, such as Japan and Canada, to co-operate on energy security."

Kawamura Yasuhisa, Former Japanese Ambassador to Canada (2)

"Focused only on a fractional reduction in Canada's overall emissions, the stark demand of the climate activists remains oblivious to other basic considerations. Already economically vulnerable, most First Nations are heavily exposed to the consequences of adding energy poverty to domestic poverty.

Unaffordable energy costs would compound cost of living increases in the rural, remote and northern locations where most First Nations communities are located and where travel distances are greater, public transit is non-existent, home heating requirements are greater and supply chains are longer...

If left to climate activists, Indigenous people would be the last to benefit, the last to participate, and the last to be connected to new infrastructure."

Chief Crystal Smith, Elected Chief Councillor, Haisla Nation (3)

"We could provide greater support to Western security and at the same time boost the economy and reduce our deficit if we supplied more oil, gas and clean energy to our allies. We are already the largest energy exporter to the United States.

But less than five per cent of our energy exports go to countries other than the U.S. If we finished the Trans Mountain pipeline and built LNG export plants on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, we could provide more energy to Europe and Asia, not just the United States."

Jack M. Mintz - President's Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary (4)

"As we make the transition to renewables, we will still need oil and gas ? it makes sense to use our own supplies such as Rosebank. This is the right long-term decision for the UK's energy security."

Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (5)

Canada is not only committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also promoting global sustainability. By exporting energy, Canada can assist other nations in transitioning towards cleaner energy sources and achieving their climate goals.

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