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NYC BBL Surgeon Does Fat Transfer To Buttocks Using Ultrasound To Reduce Risk Of Death

How Much Is A BBL With Ultrasound In NYC?

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Scott Blyer at Cameo Surgery Center is the first cosmetic surgeon to be certified by The World Association of Gluteal Surgeons in New York to use an ultrasound during a BBL procedure. As a co-chair on the BBL safety committee, Dr. Blyer, or Dr. BFixin, is committed to advancing BBL safety and changing procedure steps to reduce significant risks.

While BBLs are a popular cosmetic surgery many undergo to enhance their curves, they are also notorious for safety concerns. Risks of fat embolism constitute a significant concern for most considering a BBL procedure. While it's a rare complication, it can pose a significant worry and hazard.

A fat embolism can occur when the fat is injected too far into the buttocks and released into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, this misstep can result in a pulmonary fat embolism, which can be fatal. Dr. Scott Blyer, also known as Dr. BFixin, is one of the leading BBL surgeons in New York and the country. He is one of the first cosmetic surgeons to use ultrasound with a BBL procedure, negating the severe risk of fat embolism during a BBL procedure.

Using an ultrasound to administer the fat during the surgery allows Dr. BFixin to see the precise layer of fat he injects. While he can expertly inject the fat without seeing the layers of fat and muscle in the rear, seeing the exact location of the fat transfer makes Dr. BFixin's BBLs much safer for every patient.

The cost of a BBL with ultrasound can vary depending on the type of procedure and the extent of the surgery. The ultrasound does add an additional cost, but many patients agree that the surgery's lowered risk and increased safety are well worth the price. Dr. BFixin's prices start at $16,999. For those considering undergoing a BBL, Dr. BFixin is one of New York's leading BBL surgeons.

About Dr. Scott Blyer: Dr. Scott Blyer is a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in many advanced cosmetic procedures. He co-chairs the BBL Safety Committee for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and has held conferences on BBL safety and techniques. He is a fellowship director at Cameo Surgery Center and provides stunning cosmetic procedures for every patient.

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