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Mary Alexander and Bobby Thompson Team Up To Support IHOPKC Survivors

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorneys Mary Alexander and Bobby Thompson are teaming up to help support the survivors of Pastor Mike Bickle's alleged sexual abuse of women.

The International House of Prayer Kansas City Pastor and Founder is accused by several women of committing sexual abuse over the course of decades.

Last week, the news broke, and brave women have come forward to hold Mike Bickle accountable for his alleged behavior.

"We've seen church sex abuse cases around the nation in various Catholic and protestant denominations," said church sex abuse attorney Mary Alexander. "Our goal is to help women pursue the justice they deserve."

Various media reports have come out about the IHOPKC sex scandal, and women are continuing to come forward to tell their stories.

"Churches can be vulnerable places for anyone, especially women, as they seek spiritual growth and healing with the help of supposedly trusted leaders," said Kansas City church sex abuse attorney Bobby Thompson. "These women deserve justice and the chance to hold their alleged perpetrators accountable."

Anyone who has suffered abuse at the hands of IHOPKC leaders, including Mike Bickle, can contact the attorneys at 816-471-3414.

About Mary Alexander & Associates
Sexual abuse is one of the most heinous and violating acts of an innocent child. The injuries from child sex abuse can create lifelong scars both physically and emotionally. Mary Alexander & Associates has a long, successful track record of representing the victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

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Bobby Thompson has practiced law in Missouri, California, and New York. Bobby solely presents individuals harmed by the irresponsible and careless conduct of others. Bobby's mission is to hold corporations, institutions and insurance companies that place profits over safety of others. His philosophy is to do everything his firm can to obtain justice. Above all, Bobby leaves nothing to chance in developing the facts to prove the wrongdoers liability, and in assembling the evidence to prove every component of his client's damages. Bobby is a State Delegate of the American Association for Justice, a Board member of the Consumer Attorneys of California, and a member of the Missouri Trial Lawyers Association. His firm has offices in Kansas City and San Francisco.

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