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Levy Konigsberg Partner Anna Kull Discusses Sex Abuse Suits Against Albany, Rensselaer County Jails Ahead of Adult Survivors Act Deadline

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Levy Konigsberg Partner Anna Kull appeared on CBS 6 News to discuss lawsuits she's filing against Albany & Rensselaer County jails over the sexual abuse of female inmates, and an important claim deadline under the New York Adult Survivors Act.

Anna Kull, a Partner at the nationally recognized trial firm Levy Konigsberg, recently appeared on WRGB CBS 6 News for a segment discussing her firm's work representing women who were sexually abused in local area jails.

Kull, who leads Levy Konigsberg's renowned sexual abuse team, currently represents hundreds of women who claim that they were sexually abused by officers and staff at jails and prisons across New York. And, as an important late-November deadline under the state's historic Adult Survivors Act approaches, Kull and the firm are gearing up to file more than 500 individual lawsuits across the state ? including several for women who were abused in Albany and Rensselaer County jails.

As reported by CBS 6, Kull's cases in Albany County and Rensselaer County involve claims of abuse that occurred as recently as 2018 and as long ago as the 1990s ? something made possible by a retroactive component of the Adult Survivor Act that eliminates the statute of limitations for previously time-barred civil sex abuse suits.

Kull notes in her interview how these incidents, despite occurring years or decades apart, involve many similar allegations, including reports of staff-on-inmate assault that occurred while female inmates were being escorted to and from facility showers and other areas of the jails, and complaints that a culture of threats and intimidation forced many survivors to stay silent.

As Kull told CBS 6:

"People are scared to come forward for obvious reasons. They are afraid of retaliation and there are no safeguards currently in place, or the ones that are in place are ineffective. They're not keeping people safe. So, women are suffering in silence, essentially. And that's further perpetrating these crimes."

At the core of the suits are allegations that, despite being fully aware of the sexual abuse and violence committed by correctional officers against inmates, jail and county agencies failed to adequately investigate complaints, discipline staff, and otherwise prevent abuse from continuing. The suits also contain documentation that, survivors say, provide evidence about the history and enablement of abuse within the facilities.

You can view the full CBS 6 segment featuring Levy Konigsberg Partner Anna Kull here.

Coverage of Firm's Sex Abuse Suits Intensifies as NY Adult Survivors Act Deadline Approaches

Kull and the Levy Konigsberg legal team have received ample coverage, including cover stories in the NY Daily News and Buffalo News and an article published by Gothamist, of their work representing survivors who were sexually abused in women's jails and prisons across New York ? not only because of the sheer number of former female inmates they're helping, but also to alert other survivors that an important legal deadline is fast approaching.

As reported by CBS 6, Kull and her firm are filing these lawsuits under the New York Adult Survivors Act, a ground breaking law enacted in May 2022 that created a temporary one-year window during which survivors of sexual abuse can file civil lawsuits against entities and institutions that failed to protect them. Because this filing window is retroactive, it gives unprecedented opportunities to survivors to file claims regardless of how long ago their abuse occurred.

Now, Kull wants other survivors to know that the Adult Survivors Act deadline is fast approaching and will close on November 24, 2023. Given the limited time left, Kull and her firm are encouraging survivors across New York to reach out for a FREE and confidential consultation.

You can learn more about NY women's prison sexual abuse lawsuits or discuss a potential case by contacting Levy Konigsberg. Visit: www.LevyLaw.com for more information.

Media Contact: Anna Kull, AKull@Levylaw.com

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