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Gorilla Lifestyle introduces groundbreaking hemp-based energy shots and gummies, revolutionizing the legal hemp industry

As cannabis acceptance grows, Florida-based company utilizes Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 to develop high-quality, cannabis edibles and drinks that are legal for retail in most states

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Introducing  Gorilla Energy Shots and Gorilla Gummies, the debut products from Gorilla Lifestyle. A new player in the industrial hemp market, Gorilla Lifestyle is launching a line of hemp-derived products designed to enhance everyday experiences. With a strong focus on quality ingredients, taste and innovative compound technology, Gorilla Lifestyle is poised for widespread retail availability at affordable prices in almost every U.S. state.

Gorilla Lifestyle introduces groundbreaking hemp-based energy shots and gummies, revolutionizing the legal hemp industry

Carving a niche in an exploding market, Gorilla Lifestyle is appealing to every segment of cannabis consumers, from wellness seekers and club hoppers to baby boomers who enjoy a safe, therapeutic buzz, but are wary of potential side effects associated with smoking weed, prescription drugs and alcohol. While its offerings are currently sold via e-commerce, the company intends to expand by retailing its products at convenience stores, liquor stores, festival venues, pharmacies, restaurants, nightlife and even hotel minibars.

"We are excited to launch our Gorilla Lifestyle collection and share our passion with a wide community," said Karan Riana, CEO and Co-Founder of Gorilla Lifestyle. "We have a commitment to our consumers, to help them live a well-balanced life. This commitment touches every product we develop, how we develop them, why we develop them, and how each product feels, tastes, and works. By combining efficacy with taste, value, and a bold look, we're bringing the very best quality to a lifestyle that draws inspiration from our own experience and those of our customers. From listening to music, focusing on a project, having a night out or just unwinding after a long day, we want to enhance the quality of everyday experiences."

Details on the Packaging and Good Taste on the Palate
Named "Gorilla" for the fierceness of its products and with a nod to the natural purity of its ingredients, the products are formulated to ensure that consumers get what they are promised on the package, attaining the desired effects. By leveraging new legislation which transformed the cannabis industry, it made way for businesses like Gorilla Lifestyle to thrive and produce high-quality products more readily available.

Gorilla Hemp-derived Energy Shots, for instance, are available in four cannabinoids including CBD (20mg), Delta-9 THC (20mg), HHC (20mg), and THC-O (20mg) and five flavors including grape, orange, strawberry- watermelon, berry blast and pomegranate.

Gorilla Gummies are available in the same four categories, with tasty flavors including watermelon, peach, and blueberry rings, with more on the way. Details of ingredients are available in product guides on the website.

Clearing the Air for Legal Hemp Products

Gorilla Lifestyle works with hemp, which is legal under the Agricultural Improvement Act, otherwise known as the 2018 Farm Bill. Among other things, the Act established a Domestic Hemp Production Program making it easier for American farmers to grow and retail hemp, opening the door for Gorilla Lifestyle to produce Energy Shots and Gummies at the same quality of other cannabis products on the market. Unlike those, Gorilla Lifestyle can be sold almost anywhere.

"We thoroughly researched the Agricultural Improvement Act, consulting with leading law firms in the cannabis space to stay on the legal side of things," noted Raina. "We're not looking to teeter a line in some gray area. We're focused on creating products that are legal and making Gorilla Lifestyle a name people will associate with high-quality cannabis product." 

So, How's the Buzz?
"Totally uplifting and energizing!" "All of the flavors were amazing!" "Perfect dose to just relax and chill out." "Great taste and mellow feel! Best product I have found!" are just a few of the product reviews that appear on the website as support for the product line. With the company's understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and commitment to finding positive daily rituals, Gorilla Lifestyle's debut gummies and energy shots are great for frequent and social consumers who value consistent quality and accessibility.

Each product is made with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). To ensure transparency, the products are third-party laboratory tested by certified independent laboratories and have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) correlated to the specifications of each product. The COAs are available on the packaging and website and sold only to adults 19+.

Meet the Team
The executive team includes CEO Karan Raina, who brings two decades of experience in operations as well as a passion for entrepreneurism and a talent for scaling businesses and curating strong teams. Stefano Di Carlo, President of Gorilla Lifestyle, is a serial entrepreneur drawing from personal experience in the licensed marijuana industry to lead all facets of production including ideation, formulation, packaging, and marketing. He has assembled a sharp and creative group of managers to lead brand expansion.

To increase the company's buzz beyond the effects of its products, the team tapped legendary New York-based nightlife impresario Richie Romero as an investor and advisor to develop partnerships that will propel Gorilla Lifestyle into the hospitality scene. Romero's work has quickly paid off with a maiden partnership, the successful omakase concept Sushi By Bou, which will incorporate products into special menu offerings at locations in New York, New Jersey, Florida and Illinois.

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