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MC Nutraceuticals - Hemp Businesses Win Injunction Against Repressive Maryland Law

HAGERSTOWN, Md., Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A group of Maryland hemp businesses won a preliminary injunction on Thursday against enforcement of a recent law set to decimate the robust and rapidly growing industry. 

A number of small businesses like Embrace CBD joined the Maryland Hemp Coalition to challenge the law. Nick Patrick, owner of Embrace CBD, also represented the interests of The Maryland Healthy Alternatives Association. Collectively, they argued it violated their rights to due process and created a monopoly in favor of previously licensed state cannabis businesses.

Maryland is among a number of states including New York, Arkansas, Virginia, and Texas, that are being sued for laws unduly restricting hemp businesses and depriving their citizens of healthy consumable choices. Bret Worley, CEO of MC Nutraceuticals, observed this trend and is rallying behind the hemp industry's efforts to stop it.

"Cannabis is more widely consumed as a wellness and recreational product than ever before. I've been active in working with the American Healthy Alternatives Association to ensure Americans everywhere continue to have access to hemp-derived products as a healthy, consumable alternative to pharmaceuticals." Bret Worley  

"For too long the rights and interests of small mom and pop shops have been looked over in favor of much larger corporate interests. The American dream is still alive because of champions like Nicholas Patrick and Levi Sellers fighting for the rights of small hemp businesses in their state." J.D. McCormick Chairman - American Healthy Alternatives Association

The injunction means that a specific part of the Cannabis Reform Act, which legalized recreational cannabis in Maryland on July 1st, is on pause until the ultimate legal issues are sorted out in Court. In the meantime, Maryland hemp businesses will return to normal operations and stocking their shelves with brands like Embrace CBD and Vivimu.

If you are a business or consumer who wants to protect their freedom to make healthy choices we encourage you to get involved and donate to organizations like the Maryland Healthy Alternatives Association, the American Healthy Alternatives Association, and The Maryland Hemp Coalition.




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