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Lange Law Firm announces, Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse Faces First Lawsuit in Food Poisoning Outbreak That Sickened Dozens

STONY BROOK, N.Y., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dozens of people have food poisoning after eating at Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse in Stony Brook last week.  12 people were rushed to the Emergency Room at Stony Brook University Hospital.

Suffolk County Department of Health investigators cited Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse for 15 violations, including 8 violations for food-borne illness risk factors.

A woman has filed the first lawsuit against Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse.  She got food poisoning after attending a birthday party last Saturday at Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse.

Food Poisoning Lawyer Jory Lange and Scott Harford, one of Manhattan's leading Product Liability Lawyers, are representing the woman, who is one of dozens of people who got food poisoning after eating last week at Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse in Stony Brook.

"The scary thing about this outbreak is, as a consumer, there's nothing you can do to tell whether the food that you are buying is safe.  You can't taste, smell, or see food poisoning. Food that is contaminated may look, smell, and taste just like any other food. This is why it's critical that restaurants who make and sell our food, ensure the food is safe before they sell it," said Food Poisoning Lawyer Jory Lange.

"I have devoted my legal career to helping injured New Yorkers when companies cut corners resulting in harm to their customers," said Scott Harford.

Jory Lange and Scott Harford are representing multiple families who were sickened in this food poisoning outbreak.

About the Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse Food Poisoning Outbreak

On September 9, 2023, the health department, police, and more than a dozen fire departments responded to a food poisoning outbreak at Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse, and temporarily shut the restaurant down.  "We believe the culprit was the rice. This particular case, that rice was cooked and not stored at a proper temperature and what happens there is you have spores that live in the rice and after the rice is cooked if you don't have it at a proper temperature, these spores can reactivate and become bacteria," Suffolk County Health Commissioner Gregson Pigott said.

Record-Breaking Food Poisoning Lawyer

Jory Lange is one of the nation's leading Food Poisoning Lawyers.  Jory recently won a $10 million settlement on behalf of a family who got Shigella food poisoning and suffered lifelong medical complications after eating at a restaurant.  The $10 million settlement is believed to be the largest Shigella settlement in US history on behalf of a person who developed Reactive Arthritis from Shigella food poisoning.

How The Lange Law Firm Can Help

Our mission is to help families who have been harmed by severe food poisoning. When restaurants give their customers food poisoning, we use the law to hold them accountable.  The Lange Law Firm is the only law firm in the nation solely focused on representing families in food poisoning lawsuits and contaminated water lawsuits.

If you got food poisoning from Kumo Sushi & Steakhouse and are interested in making a legal claim for compensation, we can help. Our food safety lawyer can help you pursue compensation for food poisoning.  Call us for a free no obligation legal consultation at (833) 330-3663 or send us an e-mail here.

About the legal team:

Jory Lange with The Lange Law Firm, PLLC is one of the United States' leading Food Poisoning Lawyers, successfully representing clients across the United States in food poisoning cases from E. coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio, and Bacillus Cereus Food Poisoning. 

Scott A. Harford with Harford P.C. is an accomplished personal injury plaintiffs' attorney licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey. He has represented hundreds of individual clients located across the country harmed by pharmaceutical drugs, defective consumer products, medical devices, toxic chemicals, and Legionella bacteria.

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