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MONETA, Va., Sept. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The attorneys for Scott Smith (Bill Stanley of the Stanley Law Group and Mike Joynes of Joynes and Gaidies), the father of the Stone Bridge High School student who was sexually assaulted in the girls' restroom (by a boy claiming to be "gender fluid"), and who was subsequently charged with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct after Mr. Smith attended a Loudoun County School Board meeting on June 22, 2021, today responded to the announcement by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin granting Mr. Smith an "absolute and unconditional pardon" of him from the remaining charge of disorderly conduct, declaring him to be "factually innocent" of all charges. Scott Smith also responded to the actions of the Governor of the Commonwealth.

After being charged with the aforementioned criminal offenses, Scott Smith was convicted of the charges in the Loudoun County General District Court, and promptly appealed his convictions to the Loudoun County Circuit Court and retained Sen. Bill Stanley and Mike Joynes to represent him in his appeal. In pre-trial hearings, Smith's attorneys were successful both in having the Court dismiss the Obstruction of Justice charge and having the Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney, Buta Biberaj recused from further prosecution of Mr. Smith due to her evident bias against him and other parents who challenged the transgender policies enacted by the Loudoun County School Board. The trial on the remaining count of "disorderly conduct" was set to be heard before a jury on September 25th.

Smith's Attorneys Bill Stanley and Mike Joynes stated: "Today, the Governor declared by his absolute pardon what we already knew ? that Scott Smith is an innocent man who was wrongfully and unjustly arrested & charged. Because Scott dared to stand up for his daughter, and courageously stood up for all parents of children in the public school system, he was attacked by those who pushed radical school policies over the protection of students, he was vilified by the media, and he was outrageously branded a "domestic terrorist" by those who believed that parents should not have a say in the education of their children. While we did not seek a pardon from Governor Youngkin, and while we were very confident that we would have been able to prove that Scott Smith was innocent of the criminal charges placed against him if the matter had gone to trial, we are nevertheless grateful that the Governor also recognized the wrong done to Scott Smith by the judicial system, and that he has now taken this bold action to right that wrong by this pardon. His declaration that Scott Smith was "factually innocent" of the charges is vindication for Scott Smith, his family, and for all parents who stand up against the government's attempt to enact a radical agenda that is obsessed on teaching their children "what to think," rather than focusing on teaching children the critical lessons they need to learn in order to be successful later in life. We are proud of Scott Smith for standing up to the government's overreach, and believe that this is the right and proper result for Scott and his family.

Regarding the charges against him related to events at the June 22 Loudoun County School Board meeting, Scott Smith, father of the assaulted girl, had previously commented: "As a concerned parent whose daughter's assault was the result of these radical gender policies, I attended the June 22, 2021, School Board meeting. I did not intend to speak and did not sign up to speak at the meeting, but I was very concerned about what the School Board was considering, especially as it pertains to the safety of not only my daughter, but also the children of other parents as well. When the School Board abruptly ended the meeting, I was confronted and taunted by activists supporting the School Board's bathroom policy. Despite being subjected to this unprovoked confrontation and threats made against me and my family, I was unreasonably restrained by law enforcement, completely violating my constitutional rights.

Today, after the issuance of the pardon by Governor Youngkin, Scott Smith made the following statement: "What happened to my daughter was a horrible, but preventable tragedy that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life. And the way the public school system, the School Board, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and SRO Department, and the Commonwealth Attorney's Office handled this situation was abhorrent and completely unacceptable. My family has been living a nightmare that no family in America should have to endure. But rather than sit quietly and take it, I decided to stand up against the government ? and for that I was branded a "domestic terrorist" and charged with crimes that I did not commit. I want to thank Governor Youngkin for his declaration that I am innocent, and for his absolute and unconditional pardon. While I was extremely confident in my lawyers' abilities to defend me in court, I am grateful that the Governor recognizes that our justice system has been both weaponized and politicized to the point where my ability to receive a fair trial was in jeopardy. And while this pardon closes one chapter in this ongoing battle, a new chapter has now begun. I will continue to fight for parents and their children who are affected by these misguided and dangerous school policies. My family intends to pursue legal action in the federal courts to hold the Loudoun County public school system accountable for putting its own interests above the safety of both my daughter the families and communities that it was supposed to serve, and I also intend to pursue other legal remedies in order to hold those elected county officials who pursued this malicious prosecution of me accountable for their malfeasance. And, let me be clear. I am not a 'domestic terrorist,' I am just a father who will go to the ends of the earth to protect his daughter. I will not ever give up in that endeavor until my family is both protected and fully vindicated."

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