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KBRA Releases Second-Quarter 2023 U.S. Bank Compendium

KBRA releases its second-quarter 2023 U.S. Bank Compendium, providing the latest view of the U.S. banking industry and analysis of 2Q23 results for U.S. banks with KBRA long-term ratings.

The vast majority of KBRA-rated banks continue to have Stable Outlooks. We strive to produce durable long-term ratings that encompass the ability of banks to manage through more difficult economic environments. We expect most banks to be able to manage through the upcoming uncertainties with their ratings unchanged. That said, we have taken select rating actions and will continue to take rating actions on banks that significantly underperform rating expectations. Most banks will continue to adapt to the changing financial and economic landscape. In addition, there remains a compelling role for relationship-focused community and regional banks that serve local customers. These banks can continue to prudently manage risk while generating profitable operations over time.

This edition of the Compendium delves into the key topics discussed during our KBRA-Rated Banks 2Q23 Update Webinar hosted earlier this month, including the following key topics: (i) an update on deposit funding costs and resiliency; (ii) net interest margin and earnings trends/expectations; (iii) whether we are seeing signs of emerging problems in loan portfolios; (vi) capital management trends/expectations; and (v) our financial and credit outlook for the remainder of 2023. The report also examines other key topics and trends relevant to the banking sector. In addition, the Compendium includes our quarterly environmental, social, and governance (ESG) bulletin, which provides a regulatory recap and, this quarter, features Byline Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: BY or Byline; KBRA Senior BHC Rating: BBB/Positive Outlook).

The Compendium includes 2Q23 summaries on all publicly traded U.S. banks in KBRA's rated universe, focusing on key performance and credit metrics, along with medians of key ratios. The Compendium also includes the top 10 lowest cost deposit franchises, highest reserves to loans, and largest sequential changes in return on assets, net interest margin, net charge-offs, and nonperforming asset ratios. Further, we provide a supplement with 150 debt issues?along with rating, amount issued, coupon, and maturity?among KBRA-rated banks.

Click here to view the report.

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