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Braden Frame Announces Candidacy for IAFF General President

'We must rebuild our union in line with our historic principles'

AUSTIN, Texas, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Braden Frame, a medically retired Texas fighter/paramedic, announced his candidacy for General President of the 338,000-member International Association of Fire Fighters.

Frame, a former president of Lake Travis-IAFF Local 4117, said the current leadership of the IAFF has lost focus on the organization's mission during the past two years. A wave of employee terminations, resignations and legal actions and investigations, questionable initiatives, appointments, travel and entertainment expenditures, and the threat of outsourcing of IAFF jobs to non-union consultants are issues that need further scrutiny, he said.

"Our IAFF can't waste two more years with angry, chaotic and aimless leadership," Frame said. "People ask, 'Why are you running? Why now?' It's simple: Until two years ago, our IAFF was a standard bearer of trade unionism and working for fire fighter and employee rights. Since then, the destructive management style of the current regime has put our proud union at risk. I'm not afraid to say what many fire fighters are thinking: The promises made two years ago have not been kept."

For nearly a decade, Frame served as president, vice president or communications director, and he has been an educator and speaker at the IAFF Affiliate Leadership Training Seminar and the IAFF Communications Training Academy for several years. An active member of the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters, Frame has served on various committees and assignments within the 18,000-member organization.

"Rebuilding the IAFF begins with reengaging the excellent fire fighter leaders we already have," Frame said. "With this election, I am confident we can put the right team in place. Too many good, experienced fire fighter leaders, staff and advisers have been pushed aside in backroom deals and bad decisions by the current General President. Many people have tried to prevent this disaster through 'proper channels,' but everyone knows there's no longer room for discussion or dissent at the top of the IAFF. This election gives us a way to have the tough but necessary conversations to rebuild our union in line with our historic principles."

IAFF members can find more information at BradenFrame.com.

Contact: Braden Frame, Braden Frame for IAFF General President Campaign, [email protected], (512) 843-3129.

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