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Invisible Fence® Brand Hosts 5th Annual Nationwide Shelter Donation Contest to Help Keep Pets in Their Forever Homes

Invisible Fence® Brand donates $10,000 to help keep pets in their forever homes- voting is open to the public until August 31st

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Invisible Fence® Brand is hosting its fifth-annual nationwide From Shelter to Forever Home Donation Contest. The mission of this contest is to bring awareness to lost pets and will kick off on July 1st, in honor of Lost Pet Prevention Month. As the pet containment industry pioneer, Invisible Fence® Brand asks the community to unite around this cause.

Raising Awareness for Lost Pets
According to the American Humane Society, approximately ten million dogs and cats are lost in the U.S. every year. Through the From Shelter to Forever Home Donation Contest, Invisible Fence® Brand hopes to reduce the number of missing pets and help increase the shelter's return-to-owner rates. From July 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023, the public is invited to nominate their local animal shelter to give them a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000, donated on behalf of Invisible Fence® Brand. The shelter or rescue with the most nominations will win the monetary donation.

"We're proud to host our From Shelter to Forever Home Contest for a fifth year", said Chad Elmore, Director of Marketing for Invisible Fence® Brand. "The contest is expected to receive thousands of entries and bring awareness to lost pet prevention and help keep pets in their forever homes across the U.S."

Shelters and rescue organizations across the U.S. are rallying for nominations and need their community's support by sharing the contest on Facebook and voting for their shelter by visiting InvisibleFence.com. Voting and sharing takes less than one minute and is free.

In 2022, Invisible Fence® Brand received over 30,000 nominations for over 1,000 different shelters in all 50 U.S states. A previous Grand Prize winner, Speranza Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania, was able to put the donation towards helping feed, care for, and cover vet bills for the over 570 animals in their care.

"On average, it costs us anywhere between $75,000 and $105,000 a month to care for all our animals", said Christy, a volunteer at Speranza. "We greatly appreciate your support!"

Invisible Fence® Brand is excited to continue its efforts in raising awareness to prevent lost pets and to help keep pets in their forever homes.

>>>>> Nominate Your Local Shelter Here Starting July 1st

Preventing Lost Pets Before They Become Lost
In addition to raising awareness for tools and resources to return lost pets to their families, Invisible Fence® Brand also advocates products and solutions that prevent pets from escaping their yards. Since 1973, Invisible Fence has protected over 3,000,000 cats and dogs with their outdoor containment solutions, including Boundary Plus® Wired System, Boundary Plus Smarttm System, and Boundary Plus® Wireless GPS System.

"Our exclusive technology is only part of what makes Invisible Fence® Brand the safest and most secure dog fence on the market", said Elmore. "But it is our animal-behaviorist approved Perfect Starttm Plus Training that ensures pets understand their boundaries and are confident in their yards."

Taking preventative measures like installing an Invisible Fence® Brand system and recovery measures are the best ways to keep your pet within safe boundaries and living happily in their forever homes. To learn more about how to prevent lost pets in your area, visit the Invisible Fence® Brand Blog.

To help spread the word about preventing lost pets in your community and to help keep adopted pets with their forever families, nominate your local animal shelter on Invisible Fence® Brand's website. View more information Invisible Fence® Brand news here. For additional information about Invisible Fence® Brand, call (800) 578-3647 or visit InvisibleFence.com.

About Invisible Fence® Brand
Invisible Fence® Brand pioneered the pet containment industry in 1973, protecting pets across the U.S. and Canada with containment, avoidance, and access solutions. Authorized Dealers provide professional installation, Perfect Starttm Plus Training, and integrated solutions, protecting more than 3,000,000 pets.

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