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Former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey Joins the Forward Party Board of Directors

With a history of fighting for bipartisan reforms and of entrepreneurship and innovation, Lt. Gov. Healey will help lead the Forward Party through its current growth, as more elected officials and candidates from across the country seek to affiliate with the Party

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey has joined the Forward Party's Board of Directors. Her background in business, government, and education, as well as her non-profit leadership, will help the Forward Party during this period of growth, as it seeks to expand its footprint in its 12 battleground states through affiliations with elected officials and candidate recruitment for upcoming election cycles.

"Nearly half of all Americans do not see their priorities reflected in the political agendas of the Republican or Democratic parties," said Healey. "Many, like me, are looking for respectful dialog and genuine collaboration leading to better lives and greater opportunities for all Americans. Today, I am proud to join forces with the founders of Forward to seek principled and positive alternative solutions to the great challenges facing Americans today."

Healey served as the 70th Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, with Gov. Mitt Romney, where she led bipartisan efforts to improve services for the homeless and returning citizens, founded three Recovery High Schools, and increased protections for victims of child abuse, drunk driving accidents, and sexual and domestic violence. As a former Republican Lt. Governor of a traditionally Democratic state, she joins Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, who fits a similar profile. These two women leaders have a history of bucking their parties in order to promote solutions that will work for their constituents, and they serve as a model for what Forward Party candidates should be.

After serving as lieutenant governor, she spent six years as the first woman president of Babson College, the 100-year-old business school consistently ranked as the country's leading institution in entrepreneurship education. During her tenure at Babson, Healey championed women entrepreneurs, founded a global entrepreneurship conference, created greater affordability and access for domestic and international students, and oversaw a dramatic $200 million renewal of the Wellesley campus.

She currently co-chairs the Council for Responsible Social Media (CRSM). CRSM is a non-partisan coalition focused on addressing on-line threats to youths, democracy and national security.

Forward Party co-Chair and former Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman said, "Both Lieutenant Governor Healey and I have served in executive offices of Democratic states as Republicans. The need for both of us to work across the aisle defined our political careers, but that's sadly been lost in America. I'm excited to work with her to bring it back to this country through the Forward Party."

Lt. Gov. Healey joins a Board of Directors that includes business and non-profit leaders, former candidates and elected officials, and Independents who have left the Republican and Democratic Parties because of their failure to deliver real solutions for the American people. With her strong history of innovation and leadership, Lt. Gov. Healey is sure to add to the momentum the Forward Party has seen in recent months, as more and more elected officials from across the country affiliate with the Party to make a clear statement that we need to leave the politics of the past behind and move this country Forward.

The Forward Party is bringing moderates, conservatives, and progressives together to heal our political divisions, find our shared ground, and create a brighter future for America. Forward Party candidates are accountable to the voters, and they will focus on solutions, not partisan fighting, in order to serve their constituents better. https://www.forwardparty.com

For more information about the Forward Party, please read through our Prospectus and Q2 Fact Sheet. Lt. Gov. Healey is available for interviews; please reach out to [email protected] to coordinate.

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