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Globalization and development in the harsh conditions of war: Resilient Ukrainian SMBs are seeking growth

Payoneer (NASDAQ: PAYO), the financial technology company empowering the world's small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to transact, do business and grow globally, today unveiled its second Ukrainian SMB survey report tracking macro trends across Ukrainian businesses impacted by the war.

Despite significant obstacles, the new data uncovers a positive story that Ukrainian businesses are returning home and showing great independence as they battle disruption on every front. The survey also shows that businesses are shifting from survival mode to pursuing growth and looking to hire more staff.

Payoneer surveyed more than 2,300 Ukrainian SMBs during March of this year in various industries, including IT, manufacturing, education, agriculture and others, to gain insight into their state and outlook after a year of full-scale war. The new research indicates that Ukrainian SMBs continue to show remarkable resilience and are shifting from survival mode to seeking growth.

A year on, there's no doubt that the war has caused unprecedented challenges for Ukrainian businesses, but key findings reveal how these SMBs are persevering in the face of adversity:

Resilience and returning jobs to Ukraine

The initial phase of the war in Ukraine had a significant and devastating impact on the country's economy. According to the National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine from the War* almost half of its businesses stopped, or almost stopped, their operations, and total direct losses to SMBs were $83 billion. About 10 million Ukrainians, around 25% of the population, left their homes.

A year later though, results of the Payoneer survey show SMBs have adapted to their new reality and entered a more stable rhythm as Ukrainian business is gradually returning home. 69% of the entrepreneurs have all their staff in Ukraine and 25% have only part of their staff abroad. Furthermore, 44% of those surveyed believe they can achieve their goals without external government support, highlighting the unwavering resourcefulness of Ukrainian businesses. Despite the stress that war has placed on businesses' finances, Ukrainian businesses are employing their resources not only to survive but to grow.

SMBs can now plan for the future

Unlike at the beginning of the war, when many businesses could not plan their activities for more than two or three weeks ahead of time, they can now plan work a year in advance as 56% of those surveyed plan to maintain their current positions in the market this year. Similarly, this newfound stability may allow SMBs to develop and scale their business. Despite the unprecedented impact of the war, the survey indicates that Ukrainian business shows no sign of slowing down plans to expand and operate on a global scale.

While innovation may have taken a hit, gradually, Ukrainian businesses can look again to the future and compete in the global economy. These plans are also reflected in the number of SMBs planning to hire more employees in 2023. 36% of those surveyed plan to expand their teams, despite the extreme difficulties of running a business during wartime.

"More than a year of heroic struggle has passed, and we, Ukrainians, continue to defend our independence - each on our own front. I am very proud of the people behind the Ukrainian small and medium businesses, driving our economy forward. Their unwavering dedication to the development of their businesses is truly inspirational as we look to move forward under unprecedented conditions," said Liubov Danylina, Country Manager of Payoneer in Ukraine.

James Allum, SVP Europe at Payoneer, said, "It's inspiring to see the resilience being shown by entrepreneurs in Ukraine in horrific circumstances. It is remarkable to see businesses not only surviving but looking to grow and exploring new opportunities. As Ukrainian businesses migrate back home, I hope to see their growth trajectory continue to increase with the support of businesses across Europe."

You can find out more on the state of Ukrainian SMBs after a year of full-scale war in Payoneer's report "Defying the odds: How Ukrainian businesses thrive during war".

*Reference: National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine from the War: https://www.kmu.gov.ua/storage/app/sites/1/recoveryrada/eng/economic-recovery-and-development-eng.pdf

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