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CASE Launches Campaign to Oppose "Can Tax" on American Consumers

WASHINGTON, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumer Action for a Strong Economy launched a new public education campaign today -- "Crush the Can Tax" -- in opposition to a recent petition filed with the International Trade Commission by steel behemoth Cleveland-Cliffs and the United Steelworkers union. The petition seeks tariffs of up to 300% on tinplate steel imports from eight countries.

Tinplate steel is used to make cans for a wide range of consumer staples, from tuna to baby formula. Implementing the proposed tariffs would cause the price of canned goods to skyrocket even as inflation strains American families' budgets.

The financial harm caused by the tariffs will be particularly acute for lower-income households, who consume about one-third of canned food nationwide. A sudden surge in the price of canned goods made with tinplate steel could have a devastating impact on their finances.

Starting today, CASE will run a suite of digital, print and billboard ads aimed at select members of Congress, the Department of Commerce and Cleveland-Cliffs to spotlight how Cleveland- Cliff's petition will harm consumers.

"A new 'can tax' would force consumers to pay more for the items they buy every day, even as millions are still struggling to make ends meet," said Gerard Scimeca, chairman of CASE. "Through this campaign we hope to protect consumers from artificially inflated prices at the grocery store. The Biden administration should reject this corporate handout -- and instead advance policies that will lower prices for Americans."

About CASE
CASE is committed to serving as the voice of American consumers and wage-earners by advocating strongly for free-markets, fiscal responsibility and reasonable consumer protections. Through these time-tested principles, CASE aims to create more prosperity and opportunity for every American.

CASE is further working to fill the void of consumer advocacy organizations who largely ignore free-market solutions and lean heavily toward more government regulation and control over our national, state and local economies. As an aggressive and vocal advocate for less government interference with American enterprise and industry, CASE seeks to serve the interests of U.S. consumers through common-sense policies that allow our economy to innovate and expand, giving consumers more freedom, greater choice and more purchasing options at less cost.

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