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Gentle family dog brutally tased to death by police; PETA condemns actions of Lodi Police Department, family demands justice

LODI, Calif., April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In January, Enzo, a 2-year-old Husky wandered from his family home after he accidentally got out a screen door. By all accounts, Enzo was very sweet to children & other animals. After a call was made to collect a lost dog, three Lodi police officers arrived. Instead of following protocol to take lost dogs to the nearest shelter, the officers brutally murdered Enzo. In the now viral video of the murder of Enzo, it is clear that these officers rushed to use excessive force. Their actions were disturbingly cruel & barbaric. They broke CA Animal cruelty penal code 597a, Lodi PD policies, & Lodi city municipal laws on animal handling. Despite this, officers Chris Delgado, Jordan Kranich, and Timothy Ivey are still working in the community. The national animal control Association does not endorse the use of tasers and actually states they do not believe the animal control officers should have them in their toolbox
Anna Marques, mother of Aline Galeno who was Enzo's owner, joined her family in the streets to demand justice for her "son Enzo." Marques said, "If this would happen to an innocent dog, it could happen to a person, and it could happen to a child."

In a statement from Catie Cryar, Manager of Media Relations, PETA stated:
"As PETA pointed out in a letter to the Lodi Police Department, stun guns and similar weapons cause excruciating pain or death, and animal control and veterinary experts roundly condemn their use on animals?and it's never acceptable to drag a live animal by the neck or any other body part. No animal should die the way Enzo evidently did, and PETA has offered to help the Lodi Police Department get the training it clearly needs."

"The family alleges that officers displayed a gross abuse of power by using unreasonable, and unnecessary force. We believe their actions were a blatant violation of our clients' constitutional rights and include a deprivation of those rights actionable under Civil Rights Act Section 1983" confirmed the family's attorney, Jill L. Ryther.

"At the end of the day we want to make sure that this never happens to another animal again. We want to see more legislation around police officer accountability" stated Cambria Berman, from PAAWS, an animal advocacy organization.

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