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As Turkey's Death Toll Continues to Climb, Global Catalytic Ministries Provides Relief While Making Disciples in Earthquake Aftermath

NAMPA, Idaho, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM), a leader in the Afghanistan crisis and who make disciples in the darkest places and beyond, is seeking to raise $5 million to help organize disciple makers in Turkey and provide aid to the people affected by the recent earthquakes. Tens of thousands of people have already been reported dead, with some experts expecting the death toll to possibly rise to over one hundred thousand. Even more have been severely injured with thousands trapped beneath the rubble. In the middle of this tragedy, God has not abandoned the people of Turkey.

The physical need of the Turkish people is urgent, and already the world is mobilizing to send help with financial relief pouring in. However, leaders at GCM realize the spiritual need is greater. Disciple-makers are on the ground in areas not yet reached by relief organizations, many suffering the effects of the earthquake themselves. Despite the physical hardships, they are launching a rescue effort of the human soul: mobilizing to be present in the sorrow by coming alongside the Turkish people with the message of Jesus.

One underground church disciple-maker shares, "People are waiting for help to come in, but they haven't received any help yet. Friends are still missing. One lady even delivered her baby under a collapsed building and the government hospital in that area collapsed too."

In addition, Turkey has just hit the coldest time of the year, and people have no place to find shelter. Fear and desperation are rampant, and many people have lost everything. The earthquake has brought deep darkness and destruction, but leaders of GCM believe this is an opportunity to shine bright and bring love to those in need. The underground church doesn't just survive in these types of circumstances, it thrives.

By partnering with other Christian relief organizations, as well as sending disciple-making teams into the region, GCM is maximizing efforts on the ground. Together, they are raising funds to not only meet physical needs like food, shelter, generators, and medicines, they are working to raise funds to help underground church leaders make more disciples.

"Many organizations bring relief, but very few will make disciples. Only Jesus can bring hope in this level of desperation," shares Pastor X, a leader in the underground church. "We are asking people all across the world to join us in our mission of not only providing aid, but also helping these people see the God of Peace."

This Valentine's Day, as you buy gifts for loved ones, consider supporting the underground church in sharing love with the Turkish people. GCM is challenging all supporters to become a fundraiser themselves as part of the underground church movement. People ask, "What else can I do beyond give?" This is a way the capital "C" Church can make a greater impact in places that are so desperate for help at this moment.

GCM's goal is to raise $5 Million to support the underground church in disciple making and relief efforts in Turkey and across the world. Every dollar raised will help with...

-Bringing medical equipment, food, generators, tents, wood stoves to families
-Transportation, shelter, and secured communication for disciple-makers
-Provide for hundreds of orphans
-Develop access into new areas
-Support our indigenous disciple-makers
-Coach new believing indigenous leaders
-Plant new churches that create new movements

Text "helpturkey" to 50155 to donate and learn how to be an advocate by visiting https://secure.qgiv.com/event/turkey/ to join a global community of individuals united in the mission to make disciples in the darkest places and beyond.

About Global Catalytic Ministries

Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) is a leader in the disciple-making movement in the darkest places and beyond, rapidly transforming Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ by means of intentional disciple making, church planting, relief, and leadership development. The documentary, Sheep Among Wolves Volume 2, exposes the experiences of GCM's underground church leaders in Iran as true sheep among wolves.


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