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Summer Safety: How to Keep Pets Safe from Fireworks and Flaring Temperatures

Freshpet kicks off summer with vet-approved tips to keep pets safe

SECAUCUS, N.J., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Extreme temperatures and booming sounds can have big impacts on our pets. With record-breaking heat forecast across much of the nation and Independence Day celebrations on the horizon, Freshpet is helping pet parents prepare for the official arrival of summer with tips that can help keep their pets healthy and safe.

Heat Safety

Heat stroke can occur quickly in dogs. Without the ability to sweat the same way humans do, it's important for pet parents to understand ways to cool their pets down when temperatures rise, and how to avoid common mistakes to keep their pets safe.

"Just because we can manage the heat and humidity, doesn't mean our pets can," said Dr. Aziza Glass, Freshpet's expert veterinarian. "Our pets are vulnerable to temperatures over 80 degrees. However, there are things that we can do to keep our pets safe and protected from heat-related injuries, and some may come as a surprise."

Glass says pet parents should become educated on how to recognize heat stroke. Heavy panting, drooling, high body temperature, increased heart rate and fatigue are signs of heat stroke in dogs. "If you believe your dog is having a heat stroke, bring them indoors immediately to help cool down," she added. "A common mistake is putting the pet in a cold ice bath. That can actually shock their system and cause quick changes in their blood pressure. Instead, soak a towel in room temperature water and wipe your dog down to start the process of cooling them down. Afterwards, proceed immediately to your primary care veterinarian or closest emergency center."

Fireworks on the Fourth 

Booming sounds and crackling fireworks can send some pets into sensory overdrive. According to Glass, with an elevated ability to interpret sound frequencies audibly and physically, a dog's sensitivity to loud noises means Fourth of July celebrations can make for particularly anxious events. Their reactions can send them under beds and jumping fences to flee from the sounds, but there are ways to help make the holiday a bit less stressful for our canine companions. 

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