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Griffin Greatness and Carver Scott Humane Society Announce Partnership

MINNEAPOLIS, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Griffin Greatness LLC and Carver Scott Humane Society (CSHS) are pleased to announce a partnership to save pets together. Griffin Greatness works with shelters, rescues and pet groups boosting fundraising efforts while working to provide affordable vet cost solutions. Together with CSHS, we're pouring our art and soul into pet welfare nationally.

Griffin Greatness' mission is to help solve emergency vet cost affordability. We let our partners use our store as their own, earning up to 70% of profit for life. Partners can give 1 free month of our Emergency Pet Club with new adoptions. We offer $3,000 for a pet life emergency with 24/7 licensed vet telehealth covering 6 pets per house for $22/mo. It works globally using any device with an internet connection. We donate professional services; graphic design, web development and digital marketing so our partners can help more pets. Griffin was our family dog who started it all. He had surgery costs almost nobody would ever pay. Kind people helped, and we saved him. They only asked to pay it forward in return. Over 3 million pets are euthanized, surrendered or dumped annually due to medical costs. Sadly $1,400 is the point most do not proceed with care and less than 2% have vet cost protection. We built our company so nobody will experience what Griffin and our family went through. "Our company is powered by the love and support of people of the world and we welcome all supporters. Let's save the pets together." Darryn Flint, CEO, Griffin Greatness LLC.

Founded in 1989, Carver-Scott Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foster-based animal welfare organization with the mission of connecting animals in need with people who care. We envision a world where every animal is safe, cared for, and loved in the Twin Cities and beyond. By working collaboratively with the community and rescue partners to provide refuge, medical care, and foster homes, we make this possible. "Within our Pet Support program, we have a special fund called Wilson's Fund that provides help with emergency vet costs for families facing euthanasia or surrender due to medical expenses. We were excited to hear that Griffin Greatness' mission was the same as our Wilson's Fund and knew that we could help more pets in need through partnership. Thanks to the generosity of the giving model of Griffin Greatness, our community has another way they can support our shared mission. Together, we will be able to provide more financial assistance through our Wilson's Fund and keep more pets with their loving families. Come see the store Griffin made for us!" Mandy Malecek, Carver Scott Humane Society.

Media Contacts:
Griffin Greatness LLC
Darryn Flint, Chief Executive Officer
Website:  griffingreatness.com
Partners: griffingreatness.com/shelter-affiliates/
Email:     [email protected] 
Phone:    612-444-2261

Carver Scott Humane Society
Ridley Coate, Communications and Development
Website: carverscotths.org
Store:     griffingreatness.com/carverscotths
Email:    [email protected] 
Phone:   (952) 368-3553

SOURCE Griffin Greatness LLC; Carver Scott Humane Society

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