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Castle Shield Holdings, LLC Announces Aeolus VPN Performance Test Results

Castle Shield Holdings, LLC releases test results for its Aeolus VPN Solutions. As stated in our October 11, 2021 press release, Aeolus VPN supports Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) for asymmetric key exchange including three selectable symmetric encryption ciphers for TCP and UDP on the Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms.

Castle Shield's performance testing focused on the following test attributes:

In addition, we used a minimal test environment as identified below:

This press release discusses results at a load of 256Mbps where all platforms achieve optimal results.

Click here for the specific details of the performance test results.

In Closing

The performance test results presented here are by no means exhaustive. The results demonstrate that both Aeolus VPN with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and PQC (ChaCha20 and AES256_GCM) outperformed the open-source baseline solutions.

"Based on our testing, customers who want to use Castle Shield's PQC solutions will experience no performance degradation. There are many more tests that can and will be run; however, these initial, baseline test results show that our PKI and PQC asymmetric and symmetric encryption solutions are robust and perform well. In addition, our PQC solutions are highly configurable and flexible. Customers can run PQC with three different symmetric ciphers/algorithms and for PQC, customers may choose to run LightSaber, Saber, or FireSaber depending on their specific requirements," said Dr. Milton Mattox, Chief Technology Officer at Castle Shield, Holdings, LLC.

About Castle Shield Holdings, LLC

Founded in 2019, Castle Shield offers a complete range of enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions that protects enterprises and consumers against all internal and external cyber threats. Our Fides solutions stand strong as the last line of defense for enterprise and consumer data in the emerging quantum computing, cybersecurity threat landscape. The Legion product portfolio and Fides work together to strengthen your overall data security. We monitor and address threat vectors through our scalable, multi-tenant SIEM platform, protecting enterprise systems and data in an efficient, cost-effective manner. In addition, we utilize an advanced compliance platform (Senate) and expert analysis with an in-depth understanding of dynamic compliance standards and industry best practices to highlight cyber risk factors. Our Senate system provides comprehensive ratings for third-party vendors based on technical risk scores, compliance, and financial impact in the event of a breach. Our 360° proactive security solutions are what sets Castle Shield apart independent of your IT backbone whether cloud, hybrid or premise-based. For further information, please go to www.castle-shield.com.

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