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The Complementarity of Technical and Fundamental Analysis in Trading

We are going through an unprecedented economic and health crisis whose main and only response must be a better mastery of the analysis of our investments.

Thus, Bruno Boggiani, CEO of STRATEGGYZ, Financial Investment Advisor and CNCEF administrator has set up new partnerships in order to deliver a comprehensive training in technical and fundamental analysis for traders and financial professionals.

Bruno Boggiani has called upon Jonathan Smadja alias Trado (Tradosaure), one of the most popular social network influencers in trading.

"It is important to take into consideration the complementarity of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and money management in trading, especially when fundamentals are no longer representative in stock prices". Bruno Boggiani explains.

Trado democratizes technical analysis with great benevolence and a lot of pedagogy for traders and financial professionals.

His work consists of 1200 pages and dozens of hours of educational videos.

Trado is a Certified Financial Technician LI delivered by IFTA (International Federation Of Technical Analysts) and a member of the French and Australian Association of Technical Analysts.

"We use many tools such as Bollinger bands, moving average, RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Momentum, CCI..." continues Trado.

"Trading is essential, especially as France is phasing out its pay-as-you-go pension system!" concludes Trado.

Patrick Riguet, also joined the adventure.

He is an prop trader and manages the Doji Star company, specialising in ichimoku and Japanese candlesticks.

"The Ichimoku method of technical analysis is indispensable in order to know the balance of a curve at a glance!" announces Patrick Riguet.

"This meta Indicator highligths us on support/resistence levels, entry/exit points, trend direction and signal strength." Continues Patrick Riguet.

Patrick Riguet, is an expert in technical analysis, AMF (French financial markets authority) certified and holder of a financial investment advisor's passbook and federates a strong community of traders.




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