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"WAKE UP BERCY" - Feedback on the Green Finance Event

"Wake up Bercy", an initiative by Green Finance, a leading Green Finance media platform, was held on September 21. For this event, Bruno Boggiani, the founder of Green Finance, didn't organize a march but a race instead. A physical endeavor on equal footing with the challenge faced by society!

"This race is part of a global initiative to raise awareness and call upon the Ministry of Economy and Finance for action in the field of Green Finance. However, our persistent calls have fallen upon deaf ears. It took an event of this magnitude to express our anger. This time, I hope that our voices will be heard!", declared Bruno Boggiani, CEO of Green Finance.

Ana Matos Mendonça & Anais Bressy (Communication, Marketing & Event, Green Finance Team) supervised the entire event.

To prepare for the race, the supporters of Green Finance carried out a genuine chalk tag campaign throughout the streets of Paris and its suburbs on the night of September 20 to 21. No-one was spared:
Bercy, the Finance Ministry, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition (METS), the Sequoia tower, the Grand Arch at la Défense, etc.
In total, nearly fifty tags were on display to passers-by.
Corporations: Axa, Allianz, Natixis, Ecofi, Edram, Groupama-AM, Humanis, Agrica, Erafp, Aviva, Ircantec, Mgen, Ocirp, CNP-Ass, FRR, CA-Ass; etc.
Banks: HSBC, SG, CIC, CDC, BNP, etc.
Asset management firms: Amundi, Black Rock, Candriam, SwissLife AM, JP Morgan-AM, etc.

"At a time when our planet must embrace major challenges to ensure its survival, it is no longer possible for the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Ecology to remain compartmentalized, each retreating to their own corner. This event aims to demonstrate that finance and ecology are not contradictory concepts, quite the opposite. The first step would be to meet Bruno Lemaire.
And yet, last year, the MTES told us to deal with the Finance Ministry and then the Finance Ministry told us to deal with the MTES!" added Bruno Boggiani.

The highlight of the event was without a doubt the 80 km race (almost a double marathon!) which took place from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. This particular race was run in stages not by a dream team but by a Green team.
In fact, Laurent Nguyen and Christophe Lai immediately declared themselves fit and ready with their team, and accepted Green Finance's invitation. They are used to such endeavors (having already run 163.5 km in 24 hours around the famous lake in the picturesque town of Enghien-les-Bains); many high level runners followed in their footsteps, recognizable by their fluorescent green T-shirt and Green Finance logo. In addition, several associations and start-ups, rose to the occasion and ran a few laps or more to support the cause, exchange experiences and share the same Green values. HopHopFood, La fresque du Climat, OMPE, MyPocket, BioSteam, etc.

The last word belongs to Bruno Boggiani: "Now is the time to adopt best practices and methodologies in green finance in order to foster genuine social cooperation!"

The whole article is available on Green Finance.

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