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Fulton Sheriff Must Do More to Prepare for Unrest in a Major County

ATLANTA, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Georgia Sheriffs, who wield the most powerful position in the criminal justice system, must now do more than running a jail, serving civil process, and safeguarding the courthouse. In the wake of the unpredictable riots and looting, there has been a state of emergency declared by Governor Brian Kemp for Fulton County. In the time of Atlanta's unrest, the Sheriff's primary duty is to anticipate these threats while proactively protecting life, liberty, and property.

Charles Rambo is a retired Lieutenant from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office and currently a candidate for Fulton County Sheriff. On May 29, 2020, he attended the peaceful protest near the CNN Center. While he was there to participate in the peaceful protest, he was not there to officially campaign or solicit votes. However, some local Atlantans identified his presence as they peacefully protested the ongoing unjustness together. Thirty minutes after leaving the protest, the pandemonium began. He can personally attest the following: 

"The protestors I observed were lawfully acting within the spirit of their First Amendment rights. Unfortunately, there was a hybrid criminal element with a whole different agenda, and that strategically infiltrated, causing mayhem."

Rambo makes this qualified assessment from over thirty years of expertise in Sheriff's public policy, particularly as an intelligence analyst and riot control specialist. Currently a Georgia POST Senior Instructor, he has also taught thousands of world-wide students in his state-accredited webinar on the Governor's mandatory training on Police Legitimacy, Procedural Justice, and Community Relations. Whether he wins the upcoming June 9th election or not, Rambo from Friday's experience will continue his Socratic based lectures to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities. He will especially do so in Fulton County, which is a host to the world.

If elected, there will be no question that Rambo will be the primary chief law enforcement officer of his county leading intervention and interdiction. He will conduct these actions through the constitutional oath and sovereignty entrusted to a Sheriff. He concludes: 

"This job is not for the faint of heart who are depending upon political endorsements. It's for a day-one ready leader who has the courage to stand up and get things done for the people. Never again will Fulton be behind the eight ball not knowing when the powder-keg is going to explode. Wherever Sheriff Rambo's leadership is present, everything will begin to change!"

Contact: Charles Rambo 678-438-1195 or email 240952@email4pr.com

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