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What Makes a Toy Even Better? When it's Meant to be Played High

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- From High Concepts comes High Ball, a new holiday gift for the stoner in your life (available on Amazon). High Ball is a unique electronic game meant to be played while high. With two modes, High and Really High, High Ball complements any elevated mood. And if you're feeling nostalgic for old-school handheld electronic games, then High Ball is sure to bring you joy. High Ball is a mixture of the 80's and 90's classics Simon and Bop-It, it will test your reflexes while you transition to higher skill levels.

The High Ball (right) on the included display stand next to its retail package (left).

Here's how it works, step one, get high. Step two, grab your High Ball. It's a simple yet competitive game that gets harder the better you play. Simply move the targeted color to the top and keep going. There are eight skill levels to master. Succeed and you might even get the high score with a celebration of flashing colors.

After a challenging session playing the game in High mode, you can chill out in Really High mode. Really High mode is a 21st-century version of a lava lamp. Designed to help you get lost in the 256 different flowing colors and four tracks of original music, this mode enhances any gathering. The High Ball is great for tokers everywhere but also entertaining for those who aren't in an elevated state. And while it's meant to be played with your friends, let's be honest, it's also fun even on a solo trip.

High Ball Specifications
The High Ball is a sphere five inches in diameter. Its surface area is divided into 12 equally sized and evenly distributed panels. Each of these independently LED-lit panels produces up to 256 distinct colors. The ball includes four original music tracks played through a built-in speaker. Included in the box are a stand and micro USB charger. The battery charge will last for up to three hours of continuous use.

About the designers Jim Becker and Lila Becker
Jim Becker, located in Seattle, has been an award-winning toy designer and bestselling author for 30 years. He is now channeling his creative energy into designing toys with a particular appeal to the growing number of marijuana users. Lila, his daughter, works as a toy designer at the design firm Fugafour in Amsterdam, Netherlands

About High Concepts LLC
High Concepts LLC is dedicated to creating products designed to be played with when you're high. High Concepts has several more products in development for introduction in 2020. High Concepts is located in New York City.

Available now on Amazon and in select stores for $39.99.

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