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A Chinese Enterprise Ushers in an Age of Global Sharing Economy as ToJoy Launches its EMEA East Headquarters

VIENNA, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- For two days this past week, the renowned city of Vienna became a geographical center for witness to the dawn of the age of the sharing economy.

On November 29, 2019, the 1st Global Sharing Economy Forum and the inaugural conference of the Global Alliance of Sharing Economy (GLASE) was held in Vienna. Chinese business accelerator ToJoy, a long-time practitioner of sharing economy principles, was invited as chief sponsor of the event.

At the event, ToJoy announced the official launch of its EMEA East Headquarters. As a symbol of putting "great sharing" concepts into practice, ToJoy held the 1st Global Unicorn Fair (GUF), at which several companies and entrepreneurs were invited to participate in global enterprise development and cooperation.

ToJoy Steps Further into Global Market as EMEA East Headquarters Unveiled

On November 28 (local time), the launch of ToJoy EMEA East Headquarters was officially announced in Vienna. Attendees of the event included Lu Junqing, Chairman of Board of Directors of ToJoy; Ge Jun, Global CEO of ToJoy; Boris Tadi?, Chair of ToJoy EMEA East and former President of Serbia; Yves Leterme, Chair of ToJoy EMEA West and former Prime Minister of Belgium; Jose Maria Figueres, Chair of ToJoy Latin America and former President of Costa Rica; Han Wei, Co-President of ToJoy; Sun Chunmei, Chief Representative of ToJoy in Europe; Tomislav Nikoli?, CEO of ToJoy EMEA East; and Lu Xingyu, GLASE Ambassador of Charity.

Together with a constellation of celebrities and public figures from political and business circles as well as Chinese and international media, these attendees gathered for in-depth discussions on promoting development and cooperation for enterprises across the world.

Official launch of ToJoy EMEA East

At the founding ceremony, Lu Junqing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ToJoy, recapped ToJoy's achievements and learnings over the 28 years, followed by an explanation of the ambitious internationalization strategy of ToJoy. He emphasized that the launch of ToJoy EMEA East marked a significant breakthrough in ToJoy's global development plans. In the future, ToJoy will continue its journey under the Belt and Road Initiative, writing more brilliant chapters in the international business arena.

Speech by Lu Junqing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ToJoy, at the founding ceremony of ToJoy EMEA East

According to Ge Jun, Global CEO of ToJoy, the launch of ToJoy EMEA East Headquarters was another milestone in the global strategy of ToJoy, marking that ToJoy will serve as a connecting point between Chinese enterprises and international business circles, as well as an important enabling platform for Chinese enterprises going global and international enterprises entering the Chinese market. ToJoy shall adhere to the principles of "The Great Sharing Economy", empowering global enterprises and co-creating a sustainable business future.

In response, Boris Tadi?, Chair of ToJoy EMEA East and former President of Serbia, remarked that the launch of ToJoy EMEA East Headquarters undoubtedly marked the beginning of a new model of empowering global enterprises through collaboration between ToJoy and East European businesses. With the further expansion of ToJoy's global enterprise empowerment platform, its international strategic map will continue to improve. From a broader perspective, this is a successful example of the overseas expansion of a Chinese enterprise as well as a milestone in the sharing economy that links the Chinese market with the rest of the world despite the gloomy forecasts concerning the global economy.

Currently, ToJoy has offices in the US, Western Europe, Latin America and Eastern Europe, with headquarters in major cities such as New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Vienna, with plans for offices in Japan and India in the preparatory stage.

Observations from professionals show that business centers launched by ToJoy across the world shall provide strong support for its global business plans, where unicorns or unicorns-to-be shall embrace a broader platform for development and achieve exponential growth on ToJoy's global enterprise empowerment platform, generating tremendous value as they grow from ants to elephants.

Success of the 1st Global Unicorn Fair Heralds Global Acceleration by ToJoy

ToJoy has also brought an opportunity for entrepreneurs across the world -- the 1st Global Unicorn Fair, introducing overseas enterprises into ToJoy's global enterprise empowerment platform while sharing China's quality unicorns or unicorns-to-be with overseas business circles.

Lu Junqing, Chairman of Board of Directors of ToJoy; Ge Jun, Global CEO of ToJoy; Yves Leterme, Chair of ToJoy EMEA West and former Prime Minister of Belgium; Jose Maria Figueres, Chair of ToJoy Latin America, and former President of Costa Rica; Han Wei, Co-President of ToJoy; Sun Chunmei, Chief Representative of ToJoy in Europe; Jiang Ming, Chair of the China General Chamber of Commerce; Li Xiaojun, Vice President of the China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development, NDRC; and other celebrities in political and business circles, attended the event.

Ge Jun, ToJoy Global CEO, delivers a speech

Pursuing the mission of "empowering business and sharing happiness", ToJoy, according to its Global CEO Ge Jun, expressed that the 1st Global Unicorn Fair (GUF) aims to break down barriers to communication and cooperation between unicorns and unicorns-to-be in China and the rest of the world. This would result in sharing global resources, experience, and connections for shared prosperity and win-win cooperation between global businesses.

During the 1st GUF, star projects from China including Hanbond, Zhuge Academy, Orich Medical, and Chateau Daymore, staged their debuts to global business circles and were enthusiastically received by entrepreneurs and investors at the event. Meanwhile, blockbusters from overseas such as IFLY, ANVIO VR, Fun Academy, and Texible hit the road into the Chinese market.

For years, ToJoy has been dedicated to building a platform for communication, cooperation, and empowerment of global unicorns, hosting over 300 sessions of the China Unicorn Fair under the banner of co-creation, sharing, and win-win opportunities. This means integrating business opportunities, experience, and connections leading to joint development and shared victory by collective strength, raising funds for promising projects and presenting high-quality projects to investors.

With globalization gaining momentum and deepening exchanges and cooperation between international business partners, ToJoy has been actively adapting itself to the global trend of development. The 1st GUF helped competitive Chinese enterprises to go global while bringing high-quality overseas projects into China, facilitating exchange and cooperation in the global business arena and synergizing resources to a point where business knows no borders. This means global business partners can jointly create successful projects and share the fruits of their development, while co-building a sustainable future for business.

By going global and expanding its business map with the launch of ToJoy EMEA East, and hosting the 1st Global Unicorn Fair, ToJoy has implemented its Great Sharing philosophy with concrete actions, echoing the essence of the Global Alliance of Sharing Economy (GLASE).

The strategic vision of a "double 50% reduction", i.e. reduction of resource consumption and labor needed by 50% respectively, was stated for the 1st time at the launching conference of GLASE. ToJoy is among the first practitioners of this concept. For example, since 2016, ToJoy has implemented a "4*6" working hours schedule. This means ToJoy employees work 4 days per week and 6 hours per day, which has significantly enhanced the working efficiency and business performance of the company while saving time for its employees.

From the launch of ToJoy EMEA East Headquarters and the 1st Global Unicorn Fair to the sponsorship for the establishment of GLASE and in-depth implementation of "great sharing" philosophy, ToJoy is heralding the Age of Great Sharing Economy with concrete actions in the context of globalization, providing benefits that will last for generations to come.

SOURCE ToJoy Shared Holding Group Co.,Ltd.

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