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Seniors send 5,000 emails to Congress to protect the Social Security Trust Fund

WASHINGTON, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Seniors Center supporters have contacted 100 U.S. Senators and 398 U.S. House Representatives to sign on the #KeepOurTrust Pledge.

The #KeepOurTrust Pledge asks Congressmen to commit to supporting commonsense legislation that restores Social Security solvency, prevents benefit cuts, and ensures Social Security taxes are only used to pay Social Security benefits.

"This is a very big deal?not just for seniors and retirees, but every single person who has worked and paid into Social Security with the promise that this money will be there for them," said Dan Perrin, president of The Seniors Center.  "People are depending on their benefits to survive.  They earned those benefits.  And year after year we keep hearing cuts are coming.  Why isn't Congress doing anything about it?"

The Seniors Center has contacted over 12 million senior citizens so far this year through voter mailings, email campaigns, social media, and advertising.  In addition to the #KeepOurTrust Emails, the Washington-based nonprofit organization has collected and sent thousands of petitions, digital and paper, generated thousands of phone calls and made other digital contacts with U.S. elected officials.

The Social Security Trustees' most recent calculations project Social Security will exhaust its reserves in 2035.  Without legislative intervention, Social Security benefits will need to be cut across the board by as much as 25% to continue paying scheduled benefits.

The Seniors Center created the #KeepOurTrust campaign to raise awareness about the dire financial shortfall facing Social Security and unite Americans across generational groups around protecting and securing this vital program well into the future.

Early this year, the organization sent formal letters and pledges to every House Representative and Senator asking for their support.  In addition to #KeepOurTrust, The Seniors Center operates two popular Facebook pages that reach hundreds of thousands of senior citizens every week: The Seniors Center, the Seniors Center Blog, and #KeepOurTrust.

"I am proud so many Americans have quickly responded to this campaign," continued Perrin.  "But this is only the beginning.  We want this campaign to reach voters in every district of the United States.  We want every single member of Congress' inbox to be packed.  We are building a campaign to force Congress to take notice of an issue that's going to affect every American in a matter of years."

To learn more about The Seniors Center and the #KeepOurTrust campaign, please visit theseniors.center and keepourtrust.org.

The Seniors Center is a program of Our Generation, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.  For more information, contact The Seniors Center at (301) 631-5444.

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