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Media For You Releases Promotional Video For Refugee Protection NPO

TOKYO, July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Media For You, a Tokyo-based video production company, creates a volunteer promotional video in order to garner support from international charity runners in the 2020 Tokyo Marathon towards the continued activities of the Japan Association for Refugees (JAR). The video which includes interview footage with an unnamed refugee currently receiving protection from the JAR seeks to promote the visibility of the organization's humanitarian efforts and comprehensive assistance of refugees who have fled to Japan.

Shot at and around the offices of JAR the video is composed of the reflections of a recent refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Involved in positive political and social activities, the individual fled after threatening motions from the oppressive regime placed his life in danger. He continues to remain anonymous for his own protection. The video also features comments from Ayako Niijima, assistance and protection administrator, urging viewers to come out and commit to the kind of change necessary to continue standing up for individuals such as the refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo - to participate in a charity run for those individuals who had no choice but to run from the conflict and persecution in their home countries and seek support in Japan.

View the video here and visit JAR's 2020 Tokyo Marathon webpage here.

"In our current situation, in which it is difficult to see the exit, to press on and push forward as far as we can, this is our challenge every day." - Ayako Niijima, Manager, Assistance and Protection Unit

Media For You is a full service video production company that specializes in bilingual documentary-style videos with the intent of fostering international connections through the use of the visual medium.

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