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Raptor Referral: How Ancient Chinese Medicine Could Clinch Game Six and the Series

Veteran Toronto Chinese Medicine Practitioner Prescribes Eastern Medicine to Supercharge Raptors

TORONTO, June 13, 2019 /CNW/ - As Toronto and the country sit on pins and needles heading into game six of the series, Raptors Megafan and Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Julie Amar is stocking up on extra acupuncture needles and reaching out to the Raptors with a referral to heal injured players, improve performance and increase the Raptors odds of a game six win.

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"Traditional Chinese Medicine has been quietly working for thousands of years; promoting healing, quicker recovery and injury prevention for athletes, it could bring the Raptors an immediate and considerable advantage," said Julie Amar, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R. TCMP), Registered Acupuncturist (R. Ac), Qi Innovator and founder of Qi Knows Best. "As I watch every game with fans, I'm looking critically at what could cause chronic and long-term issues with the players. I'm actually cringing at every hit, jump and twist, thinking about the importance of following Post Concussion Protocol. I am aware of the exhaustion associated with playing at this level of intensity for these players."

Amar has pledged that she is willing to treat any of the Raptors players or management pro-bono before or after any game for as long as this series goes.

Specific Player Issues/Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments:

1.  Leonard's Claw Hand

For Kawhi Leonard, being the "Buddha" of the team, Amar advises that he could use a recharge helping to maintain his state of zen. On top of that, his infamous claw hand could be prone to carpal tunnel syndrome from all of those glorious rebounds, the repetitive nature of that movement needs continuous Qi (chee) and blood flow.

2. Pascal's 'Spicy' Kidney

For Pascal Siakam, Amar advises that there may be serious strain on his back and knees from his Spicy P routine dunking. She suggests a round of pregame injury prevention by balancing his kidney Qi with acupuncture to support the bones of the back and knees.

3. Lowry's Whiplash

For Kyle Lowry, Amar likens the potential soft tissue trauma that he may experience during a game to a hockey player taking a check without protective equipment or a car crash repeated over and over again. This is due to an unusually high percentage of the game spent getting knocked around and checking. Whiplash is a common soft tissue injury that often goes unnoticed until the adrenalin has subsided, which could be days or weeks later. The sooner an acupuncture treatment is performed, the quicker the acute inflammation can be put at bay!

Amar would administer acupuncture to alleviate specific tension points and swelling in the neck and shoulders as soft tissue injuries of this type can become chronic, preferably before and right after the game. Without this course of treatment, Amar worries that Lowry could end up not being able to turn his head and develop headaches due to pain and inflammation.

4. Gasol's Repetitive Rebound Syndrome

Amar worries about the impact of Gasol overextending his reach during rebound shots. This puts a lot of pressure on the neck and spine that could lead to pain and inflammation. Amar recommends hitting localized and relaxation points along the back and body with acupuncture.

5. Ibaka's Overblocking Ouchies 

Ibaka may be heading for rotator cuff issues based on his frequent need to raise both arms to block and other related issues. Amar would address these issues by using acupuncture on the lung and large Intestine channels to help nourish the shoulder and repair any damage.

6. VanVleet's Baby

Like any new parent, Fred VanVleet is likely suffering from exhaustion and insomnia. He's on the road with the team and dealing with sleepless nights at home. Amar would treat VanVleet by tonifying and invigorating his Qi to give him more energy and less fatigue. This would be done through the Yintang point in the centre of his forehead, which Amar calls "a natural Prozac point!" Also, he is now nursing a major hit to the right side of his face with seven stitches and a knocked out tooth ? more areas that need extra attention!

Bonus Tips

Drake's Raptor Rage

Amar would start her treatment of Drake calming his liver Qi fire down and by stocking up on many extra acupuncture needles which would be required to balance his chaotic Qi. Drake's rage, frustration and emotions are running high. Amar also recommends no trolling Steph Curry with new t-shirts during game six.

Nurse's Lock Jaw

Amar speculates that Nick Nurse is heading for a classic case of Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (lockjaw) based on his constant tension in face and frequently open mouth. She would treat this with cosmetic acupuncture on his face. This would have the added benefit of removing fine lines (making him look younger) and preventing headaches.

SOURCE Qi Knows Best

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