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meviy Empowers Japan's Tsubame Industries' Archax Robot Development, Revolutionizing Parts Procurement in the Robotics Industry

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- meviy, the groundbreaking AI-driven parts procurement platform developed by MISUMI Group Inc., proudly announces its integral role in the production of "Archax", the awe-inspiring human-piloted robot manufactured by Tsubame Industries Co., Ltd. ("Tsubame Industries").

Archax, standing at an impressive fifteen feet tall, weighing 3.5 tons and built at a cost of $3 million U.S. dollars, is a remarkable feat of engineering, boasting four legs, a humanoid upper body, two arms, and a meticulously crafted hand with five fingers, akin to that of a human. Designed for human piloting, Archax represents the forefront of technological innovation in the robotics industry, captivating audiences globally with its fusion of science fiction and reality.

In the arduous journey of robot development, where time is a critical factor, meviy emerged as a game-changer for Tsubame Industries. By leveraging meviy from the inception of the project, the company streamlined their parts procurement process, expediting development timelines and overcoming traditional bottlenecks associated with sourcing and quoting parts.

Key Benefits of utilizing meviy in Archax's development:

  1. Streamlined Procurement: meviy enables quote and order processes using only 3D data, eliminating the time-consuming task of converting 3D designs into 2D drawings. This streamlined approach significantly accelerates the procurement cycle, empowering developers to focus on innovation rather than administrative tasks.

  2. Real-time Machining Insights: With meviy, users gain instant access to machining availability and pricing, facilitating agile decision-making and enabling rapid iteration on design patterns. Additionally, meviy's AI capabilities offer insightful suggestions to overcome machining constraints, ensuring seamless integration of complex design elements.

  3. Precision Machining for Creative Freedom: meviy's innovative machining capabilities effortlessly cater to the intricate requirements of Archax's hand elements, enabling the realization of sophisticated movements and aesthetically pleasing designs. By enhancing creativity and precision, meviy elevates the appeal and functionality of Archax, setting new standards in robot aesthetics and performance.

"As a pivotal partner in the development of Archax, meviy has revolutionized our approach to parts procurement, empowering us to accelerate innovation and bring our vision to life," commented Mr. Ryo Yoshida, CEO, Tsubame Industries. "With meviy, we've not only reduced lead times but also unlocked new levels of creativity, ultimately enhancing the appeal and functionality of Archax."

meviy continues to spearhead technological advancements in parts procurement, facilitating seamless collaboration between developers and manufacturers across industries. As robotics continues to evolve, meviy remains committed to driving innovation and accelerating the pace of progress, both in Japan and the U.S.

About meviy:
meviy is a leading, global provider of precision manufacturing solutions, specializing in CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and rapid prototyping. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, meviy delivers high-quality, custom parts to a diverse range of industries worldwide.

MISUMI is a global distributor and manufacturer of industrial automation components. With a commitment to offering efficient, cost-effective solutions, MISUMI is a single source for the electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly industry. MISUMI's catalog of highly configurable components is a fast, dependable, and cost-effective option for last- minute design changes, prototyping, and meeting full-scale design and application requirements.

About "Archax," a human-piloted robot
Archax is a human-piloted robot developed by Tsubame Industries Co., Ltd. It has four legs, a humanoid upper body, two arms, and a hand with five fingers at the end of it, just like a human. It not only has a cockpit in its chest but can also transform into two modes: robot mode and walking mode. Archax, which looks like something out of science fiction, is a mere realization of Tsubame Industries' philosophy of "bringing the world of 'science fiction' to 'scientific reality'".


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