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C.K. McWhorter & Family Request Immediate Federal Protection Amidst Rising Extortion Threats, Coercion and Systemic Harassment

PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The McWhorter Foundation confirms an urgent request for federal protection by , C.K. McWhorter & family facing an intensifying need for federal protection that highlights the dangers for those engaged in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts, particularly amid challenges from unaccredited investors and a contentious relationship with law enforcement and government agencies. McWhorter's commitment to ESG, which aims to drive sustainable and equitable progress, has inadvertently thrust him and family into the vortex of a storm. This storm is fueled by a mix of financial illiteracy from unaccredited investors, systemic bias, and an escalating silent civil war within America, with pronounced effects in the South.

C.K. McWhorter's initiatives have garnered interest from a diverse group of investors, including those who may not have a a large amount of financial literacy, partly due to the influence of media and certain perceptions shaped by law enforcement narratives. This situation has occasionally led to misunderstandings and conflicts during civil disputes, which can result in duress and challenge the commitment to justice and equity that is a hallmark of McWhorter's portfolio & strategy.

Complicating matters more are the legal system and law enforcement's often inadequate financial literacy, rendering them ill-equipped to fairly resolve these disputes. McWhorter's social activism has further complicated his relationships with local Town of Palm Beach police, Fulton County police and other government agencies through the reach of the two mentioned, whom have operated with a fraternal mindset, and begun to collaborate across jurisdictions to find any criminal leverage against C.K. McWhorter & family in retaliation for social advocacy and disruptiveness within the world of finance and business.

One of the immediate points of concern is the use of entrapment through constant surveillance, tampering with, and influencing witnesses during reports, and providing legal advice without authorization. This campaign against McWhorter leverages his youthful offenses of shoplifting of which should mention (Warren Buffet himself has eloquently admitted to also during his youth) as grounds for action, despite these being the result of being expelled from an abusive home. Although McWhorter has recently attempted a number of times to reconcile with his mother after years of separation, she has contributed a very small portion to his growing legal defense, however their attempts at reconciliation have not been fully successful.

Given all circumstances, McWhorter is making a formal request to federal authorities for enhanced protection measures, including the issuance of new social security numbers and or CPN and legal name changes for C.K. McWhorter (Cody K. McWhorter) . This necessary step aims to safeguard McWhorter's physical safety, privacy, and the integrity of his ESG work and social activism. It underscores the need for systemic change and highlights the vulnerabilities advocates and investors face in a system unprepared to protect them.

The federal response to McWhorter's request will set a precedent for handling such cases, testing the nation's commitment to protecting its citizens from extortion, harassment, bias, and privacy infringements. As McWhorter awaits a response, his request is rallying support from privacy advocates, cybersecurity experts, and the public, emphasizing the need for legislative and regulatory reform to protect the rights of individuals to pursue social and environmental advocacy without fear.

This moment transcends the McWhorter Foundation, marking a critical point in America's silent civil war. The outcome will either reinforce existing barriers or herald a new era of inclusivity, protection, and understanding for activists and investors dedicated to ESG principles.

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