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Fanttik Unveils FanttikRide Electric Scooters for Kids and Teens with Jaw-Dropping Black Friday Discounts

Fanttik has been relentless in innovation and achievements this year, and this holiday season, the multiple award-winning brand has rolled out FanttikRide ? its sub-brand with top-of-the-line kids and teen electric scooters with unprecedented discounts. Always being at the forefront of innovation, Fanttik, with its steadfast engineering, that had the glory of partnering with NASCAR and winning multiple awards at the prestigious SEMA Show 2023, is proud to present two unique lines of children's scooters ? the FanttikRide C9 for kids and FanttikRide T9 for teens. The FanttikRide C9 offers three models: the base model, the C9 Pro, and the C9 Apex. On the other hand, the teen-centric line ? the FanttikRide T9 series, brings in the base model of the T9 and the T9 Apex. Offering unfaltering safety and security with uncompromising fun with vibrant colors and musical charm, these electric scooters are a treat for youngsters to glide around the parks and neighborhoods, fostering friendship and joy in the most eco-friendly and healthiest manner possible. To top it off, the brand is slashing prices and offering amazing discounts on Amazon this Thanksgiving week and Black Friday!


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FanttikRide C9 Line of Kid's Electric Scooters (C9, C9 Pro, and C9 Apex): Imagine a group of young adventurers hitting the neighborhood streets, their laughter echoing as they zip around on FanttikRide's colorful electric scooters. The journey begins with the C9 base model, the perfect companion for those early explorations. If you want the rainbow LED lights, grab the C9 Pro. Their adjustable handlebars accommodate the varying heights of the youngsters. With the ease of folding, both the C9 and its Pro version are a breeze to carry, fostering camaraderie among the young riders as they embark on their urban escapades. Safety is a given ? anti-skid wheels and a rear fender brake ensure a secure ride, allowing parents to relax while their kids revel in the joy of newfound mobility. Furthermore, these eco-friendly scooters provide a healthier alternative, encouraging outdoor play and minimizing carbon footprint. As for the C9 Apex, this flagship model turns every ride into a mini celebration. What a sight it would be when a fleet of these scooters' rainbow lights dance in unison as the young riders cruise through the park.

FanttikRide T9 Line of Teen Electric Scooters (T9 and T9 Apex): Transitioning to the T9 line, envision a scenario where the riders are a bit older, seeking a more sophisticated yet equally exhilarating experience. When a convoy of T9 Apex scooters glides along a scenic trail, the LED lights cast a mesmerizing glow on the surroundings. The top-tier safety features ensure parents' peace of mind, while the powerful battery and varied speed modes cater to the diverse preferences of the riders. As the group explores, the foldable design comes in handy when they decide to take a break or carry them in a car or public transit. The T9 Apex isn't just about the ride; it's about fostering a sense of camaraderie among teens who share a passion for outdoor adventures. This eco-friendly journey into adolescence paves the way for independence and joyful experiences. The T9 base model encourages responsible riding and forms the foundation for teens embracing a shared passion for eco-friendly mobility.

Just in time for the holidays, FanttikRide is offering exclusive Black Friday discounts of up to 20% off! Give the gift to your kids, nieces, nephews, or family friends. The joy of riding extends far beyond holiday celebrations.

About Fanttik & FanttikRide

Fanttik is a youthful, dynamic brand dedicated to outdoor, household, sports, and automotive products that cater to every need for the perfect adventure. Fanttik has earned the internationally revered Red Dot Design Award multiple times, along with the prestigious IF Design Award. Its products have been reviewed by a myriad of esteemed YouTubers, such as Donut Media, Samcrac, and Silver Cymbal, to name a few. Its inflator models won the revered SEMA Best Tire and Related Product Award 2024 in Las Vegas. Fanttik also sponsored and collaborated with NASCAR Xfinity Series' Kyle Weatherman four times, with one being the exclusive partner. Now, Fanttik has spread its wings into FanttikRide to offer premiere, safe, and eco-friendly electric scooters for youngsters. FanttikRide is committed to delivering the ultimate scooter riding experience for all the kids. Fostering the motto "We explore, we innovate, and we make it happen," Fanttik has brought trailblazing experiences in the automotive arena to the most diverse audience.

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