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INSE Announces Substantial Price Reductions for Amazon Black Friday Big Sale

SEATTLE, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- INSE, a home-cleaning solution expert renowned for its best-selling cordless vacuum cleaners on Amazon, is excited to announce its prominent involvement in the upcoming Amazon's Black Friday Sale starts from November 20(th). Offering an extensive range of premium household appliances, INSE is dedicated to enhancing the cleaning routines of its valued customers with incredible special offers and its acclaimed product lineup including cordless vacuum cleaners, pet grooming kits, and robotic pool vacuums. Each model offers uncompromising performance, making household cleaning effortless and efficient.

Unbelievable Price Drops on High-Performing Vacuums

Perfect for Cleaning Pet Hair: INSE N5T Cordless Vacuum is an excellent choice for pet owners due to its impressive 1.2L dustbin capacity that can store more pet hair than others without frequently dumping it during cleaning. It features an upright design and can be stored and charged in multiple ways, making it very compact and space-saving. Get the INSE N5S Cordless Vacuum at a remarkable 78% off!

6 in 1 Cordless Vacuum: Another amazing deal on Amazon is the INSE V70 cordless vacuum cleaner. Customers can now buy this cost-effective 6 in 1 wireless vacuum cleaner, exclusively engineered for daily and deep cleaning on hardwood floors, with a substantial discount of up to 78%. This remarkable offer allows customers to purchase the V70 at a price below $100, making it one of the most affordable options for cordless vacuums.

26KPA Powerful Cordless Vacuum: This S10 stick vacuum provides an exceptional suction power of 26kpa and can operate for up to 50 minutes on a single charge, offering a comprehensive and thorough deep-cleaning experience on both hardwood floors and carpets. Its six-layer multi-cyclone filtration system guarantees clean airflow, minimizes allergies, and extends the device's durability. Don't miss this opportunity to save 80% and get a user-friendly cordless vacuum.

Lightweight Cordless Vacuum: INSE N650, weighing only 3.3 pounds, is only half the weight of a traditional canister vacuum cleaner. It was designed to provide users with a lightweight and easy-to-use cordless vacuum cleaner, allowing users to effortlessly lift or carry it to any room that needs cleaning. There is no need to worry about tangled cords or being hindered by excessive weight, making it even more convenient to carry around, get it now to save 78%.

Versatile with Multi Attachments: For those seeking to add versatility to their cleaning regime, the INSE S670 cordless vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution. Currently available with an impressive discount of up to 77%, it features various attachments creating an all-in-one cleaning machine. Whether you're tidying your bedding, sprucing up your floors, dusting furniture surfaces, or even cleaning your car, it has you covered with handy accessories like the flexible hose and crevice brush.

Groom Your Pet At Home: Pet owners shouldn't miss out on the P20 dog grooming kit, which is currently being offered at a discount of up to 80%. This versatile pet grooming tool comes with three commonly used grooming brush heads - a grooming brush, a de-shedding brush, and a hair clipper. The P20 is designed to simultaneously brush and vacuum pet hair into the dustbin, making it an easy and convenient solution for pet households. Additionally, this vacuum features three adjustable settings and a low-noise design, ensuring a pleasant grooming experience for pets.

Auto Clean with Robot Pool Vacuum: The Y10 robotic pool vacuum has a large 5200mAh battery capacity and is currently available at a discount of up to 75%. With a 90-minute runtime, it is perfect for cleaning large swimming pools. The Y10 features automatic route planning and cleaning, which saves you both time and effort. Additionally, when the battery level drops below 20%, the vacuum has a self-parking function that allows it to dock near the pool's edge, making it easy to retrieve and recharge.

Take advantage of these exclusive discounts on INSE products during the Amazon Black Friday Sale, available for a limited time only. To learn more about the deals, visit INSE's official website at www.inselife.com, or check out Amazon during Black Friday. Don't miss out on these fantastic offers!

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About INSE

Founded in 2019, INSE is a cutting-edge technology company focused on the development and production of high-quality cleaning appliances. The INSE product development team boasts over a decade of experience in product research and development, having participated in designing and developing products for several well-known cleaning brands. The products they have developed and designed have sold more than 8 million units in total. As experts in this field, INSE's mission is to provide the best cleaning experience for consumers at affordable prices, driving the cleaning industry forward with our innovative and cost-effective solutions.



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