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LELO introduces SORAYAtm Beads, anal massager designed for women - but to be enjoyed by all

Even with all the talk about sexual wellness, there is still a tendency to stigmatize acts that might be considered non-traditional by some. LELO has conducted a survey to get to the bottom of why people are still willing to avoid bomb orgasms resulting from anal play. Oh, and created SORAYAtm Beads, an anal massager here to provide a new kind of orgasmic bliss.

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- There's no one way to describe anal sex as it feels different for every single person. And it is not only the sensation of having anal sex that varies but also the various set of notions attached to it that vary from one person to the other. Whether a pro or newbie to anal play, male or female, the difference in the expectations, prep work and experiences can be quite distinct. Using a survey, LELO interviewed almost nine thousand people with a variety of questions about their thoughts and experiences with anal sex. 

Society has become more sex-positive overall in the past decade, and anal sex - talking about it at least?has become significantly less taboo. But, even with all the talk, having anal sex still remains controversial. Especially among women and cisgender men. Even certain AI chatbots find it "inappropriate" to talk about anal sex. Just ask them and see.

A portion of straight men still observes anal sex through the miasma that anal sex is something that only homosexual men enjoy. It could not be further from the truth. At the same time, women have come a long way since the nineties and the spirit best embodied by the Sex and the City character Charlotte York and her almost legendary quote about the Up-the-bum girl. They are more freely talking about it and more and more seem really interested in it. Google trends for "female anal sex" search reveals a steady interest in the topic (number of searches). It is even more interesting to see some of the related searches in the top five. Alongside the ones you would expect to find on the topic, there are the ones devoted to the best anal sex toys for women and does anal feel good for women.

How do Americans feel about anal sex?

According to the survey carried out by LELO in the US, 40% of participants actually have anal sex while 42.8% do not engage in anal sex. Interestingly, the same number of people as those who do not engage in anal say they are interested but anxious about it (42.8%). One in three people would not even consider it, with 12% saying they are not even sexually active and therefore are not considering it.

Introducing SORAYAtm Beads - anal toy designed specially for women. But not restricted solely to them.

Even though the sexual wellness industry seems to favour women more, it seems like there are infinitely more anal toys (mostly prostate massagers) that are more geared towards men. The latest LELO toy - the SORAYAtmBeads - is the anal beads massager designed primarily for women, but also for every open-minded person who is comfortable with their body and desires, and curious about experimenting.

The new, cascading design featuring 4 gradually increasing beads is intended for maximum comfort when exploring anal pleasure, thus making it a perfect first (entry level) anal toy that allows you to gently explore a completely new world of arousal and pleasure. Coupled with our pleasure settings, it allows every person to try it at their pace and level of comfort.

Inspired by the movements of violin players, SORAYAtm Beads' Bow-motion technology mimics the stroking motion of a violin bow. The beads in the toy move in a wave-like motion, allowing users to feel the movement from top to bottom. This unique technology enhances the pleasure and provides a distinct experience compared to other anal toys.

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