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Stockton Attorney Allen Sawyer Wins Bail Bond Reduction for Child Molestation Client; Judge Drops Bail from $750K to $100K

Eric S. of Modesto, California, was accused of child molestation by his wife's daughter and faced a potential bail bond set at $750,000 by the prosecutor. During a case management conference and bail review hearing, California Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer of The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer argued on behalf of his client in the matters of flight risk, public safety, and non-excessive bail to successfully persuade the judge to lower bail to $100,000.

STOCKTON, Calif., Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Law Offices of Allen Sawyer announces that a client accused of child molestation (Case # CR-23-009200) and potentially facing a set bail of $750,000 has had his bail substantially reduced?down to $100,000?thanks to the arguments in the client's favor made by California Criminal Defense Attorney Allen Sawyer.

I'm very pleased that the judge decided to significantly reduce bail for my client.

According to court documents filed with Stanislaus County Superior Court, Eric S. was originally arrested on August 18, 2023, for allegedly having molested his wife's teenaged daughter and was released from custody four days later when no charges were filed against him. After a second warrant for his arrest was filed, Eric S. was rearrested on August 25 and was subsequently charged on August 29 with three felony counts of child molestation. His bail was set at $750,000. The victim, who suffers from mental illness, meanwhile recanted her allegations against Eric S. in an August 21, 2023, interview with a private investigator.

At the October 11, 2023, case management conference and bail review hearing at Stanislaus County Superior Court, Sawyer put forth a string of arguments in defense of his client against the bail amount set by the prosecution. First, while bail review hearings typically assume allegations to be true, Sawyer argued that the victim's recantation and severe mental health issues cast serious doubt on the case. Sawyer also established that Eric S. exhibited no clear and convincing evidence of being a flight risk; furthermore, Sawyer argued that, based on the fact that Eric S. has no criminal history and was never arrested, he was not a danger to the community. Finally, Sawyer referenced Article I, § 12, of the California Constitution, which establishes a defendant's state right to be released prior to trial on reasonable, non-excessive bail. Consequent to these arguments of Sawyer, Judge Shawn Bessey set Eric S.'s bail at $100,000.

"I'm very pleased that the judge decided to significantly reduce bail for my client," Sawyer said. "My client has strongly demonstrated both his likelihood of returning to court to face the charges against him and his lack of threat to public safety, and the original bail amount set against him really did seem excessive in light of these things."

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