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MIAMI, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With civil trials at a historical low (see link for data), federal judges at this year's Bench & Bar Conference encouraged civil practitioners to get back into trial in part by learning from the criminal defense bar and in part by getting younger lawyers into court. AXS LAW Group has two lawyers with a criminal defense background, Ms. Rosanna Arteaga-Gomez and Ms. Amanda Suarez, try three cases in 2023.

Ms. Arteaga-Gomez and Ms. Suarez are both former Miami-Dade Public Defenders and understand firsthand the importance of trials to a fair resolution of a legal dispute. Ms. Arteaga-Gomez, a 2005 graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, took immediate interest in mentoring Ms. Suarez, a 2021 graduate of the University of Miami School of Law and rising star. Together, they specialize in trial work in both the civil and criminal context in state and federal court.

Beginning in April 2023, Ms. Arteaga-Gomez and Ms. Suarez joined two AXS LAW litigation partners ?Jeff Gutchess, and Courtney Caprio ? in a widely publicized seven-week jury trial in federal court against sitting City of Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo's retaliation against business owners who supported his political opponent. Ms. Arteaga-Gomez and Ms. Suarez conducted critical direct and cross-examinations of multiple witnesses in that trial, including the plaintiffs and their family members as well as important City of Miami employee witnesses. Through AXS LAW Group's efforts, the plaintiffs prevailed in obtaining a multimillion-dollar judgment against Commissioner Carollo for his violations of their civil rights.

During a one-week break during the Carollo trial, Ms. Arteaga-Gomez and Ms. Suarez assisted a 29-year-old armored vehicle employee overcome criminal charges in state court on the basis that their client had been wrongfully harassed and accosted by the alleged victim and securing a complete acquittal on battery charges, saving him from a criminal record that would have impeded his ability to continue in his line of work.

A few weeks later, in August 2023, Ms. Arteaga-Gomez and Ms. Suarez led a complex week-long bench trial involving estranged domestic and business partners and the assertion of contract and tort claims arising out of the parties' twenty-year romantic and business relationship. AXS LAW Group was the client's fourth set of lawyers in a six-year protracted litigation. The trial entailed explaining almost twenty years of business, personal, and accounting practices through multiple witnesses and hundreds of exhibits. Although the outcome in this case is still pending, Ms. Arteaga-Gomez and Ms. Suarez have already assisted their client in moving past many of the challenges posed by a prolonged legal dispute.

AXS LAW is dedicated to disrupting the traditional law model to better address the needs of the modern business law consumer. We do this first and foremost by bringing our own expertise as entrepreneurs. Our attorneys are encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship to help our clients navigate, not avoid, risk.

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