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Come See the New Hearthsong at Toy Fair 2023

MADISON, Va. and NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Come see the new Hearthsong, the brand of endless imagination, at Toy Fair 2023. This will be the company's first appearance at the iconic trade show since unveiling its newly re-imagined branding. The rebrand reflects the evolution that Hearthsong has undergone throughout its 40 years as an industry leader and is intended to inspire creativity and transport children and families to infinite wonderlands. Not only will Toy Fair attendees get a firsthand look at the branding that Hearthsong will be showcasing at the booth, but they will also get a special look at an original line of flexible building toys, a fun fort system, and two recent innovative award-winning inflatable toys.

Highlights from the Hearthsong products showcased at Toy Fair include:

A Building Toy Even Better Than Blocks
An open-ended alternative to traditional building blocks, Connectagons toys give children's imaginations an easy outlet for expression. A series of flexible pegs, basic shapes, hinges, and wheels designed to turn and rotate, roll and spin, and bend and twist offer optional endpoints and infinite pathways giving children the freedom to build and rebuild in any direction. New Connectagons themes to be showcased at Toy Fair include Neon Monsters, Aero Acrobats along with mini sets featuring vehicle and animal themes.

A Fortress Fit for a Kid
Put the pillows and blankets away! Hearthsong's Modular Fort System enables kids to build ? and rebuild ? the forts of their dreams. Kids can connect twisty tunnels, cubes, castles and even a ball pit in unique ways for a truly one-of-a-kind fortress of fun! Each section comes with a set of patent-pending Mod Pod clips that allow children to connect, bend, collapse and store segments of the fort with ease. A fashion forward design complements any home décor. Widely available starting early 2024.

Inflatable Fun for All
Active play will never be the same with Hearthsong's Inflatable Ride-on Hop 'n Go. With three fun characters available, children can choose to fly on a unicorn, gallop across the open range on horseback, or tame a T-Rex. Perfect for imaginative play, kids will hop at the opportunity to set courses to race and create spectacular storylines. Spaciously designed, comfortable, durable, and easy to enjoy once filled with air, the Inflatable Ride-on Hop 'n Go will have children racing, hopping, bumping, and giggling all day long. One ride on these hippity-hopping characters and it will be obvious why this toy was recently recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA), one of the longest-running award programs in the country. Each vinyl character offers a spacious ride and comes equipped with ergonomic handles for leverage and balance. Weighted bottoms keep characters stable. Currently available.

Bumper Balls Making Sumo Safe
Also recognized by NAPPA as a "best of" industry product in 2023 is the BBOP®Inflatable Buddy Bumper Balls. Kids can bop and bump their buddies with these irresistible translucent bumper balls that come in a set of two. The BBOP Bumper Balls are made of strong PVC plastic, ensuring hours of bumping, rolling, and jumping fun. Set up a sumo wrestling match or bop all together at a homemade music concert. Currently available.

"We are excited to introduce the new Hearthsong at Toy Fair this year. We're building on the brand's 40-year legacy with inspiring new thinking and product innovation," said Hearthsong CEO Jamey Bennett. "Newness drives the toy business forward and we're thrilled to bring our share to Toy Fair."

Find Hearthsong at Toy Fair in booth #6569. For the latest information on Hearthsong products visit: www.hearthsong.com.

About Hearthsong
At Hearthsong, we believe that kids' greatest superpower is their ability to imagine bigger. We've put our hearts into sharing larger-than-life, awe-inspiring experiences that impart a sense of wonder in kids and the people in their lives. We've made a big deal out of playtime for the past 40 years?and we're just getting started. To learn more, visit Hearthsong online at www.hearthsong.com or connect with Hearthsong via social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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