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Latitude Uranium Completes Successful Phase 2 2023 Drill Program at Angilak

TORONTO, Sept. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Latitude Uranium Inc. ("Latitude Uranium", "LUR" or the "Company") (CSE: LUR, OTCQB: LURAF, FRA: EI1) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Phase 2 2023 drill program at the Angilak Project ("Angilak") in Nunavut, Canada. The Phase 2 program consisted of three additional holes (Holes 23-LC-16B, 23-LC-17 and 23-LC-18) totaling 889 metres and focused on the western side of the Main Zone (Figure 1) of the Lac 50 Trend. When combined with Phase 1 which consisted of 4,776 metres in 15 holes, the total 2023 program (Phase 1 and Phase 2) comprised 5,665 metres in 18 holes. Highlights of Phase 2 and 2024 plans are summarized below.

Highlight of Phase 2 2023 Drilling Program and Plans for 2024

Figure 1: Location of Phase 1 and Phase 2 drillholes, and potential new lens within the Lac 50 Trend.   

2023 Angilak Drill Program

The 2023 Angilak drill program consisted of a total of 5,665 metres in 18 holes all focused on the Main Zone of the Lac 50 Trend. Phase 1 consisted of 4,776 metres in 15 holes (1-15) and Phase 2 was 889 metres in 3 holes (16-18). All drillholes and cps results are presented in Table 1 below. All samples are enroute to Saskatchewan Research Council in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for assay with results expected in November

Hole 18 (23-LC-018) was designed as a downdip follow-up to test the continuity of a wide interval (~200 metres downhole width) from historical drillhole 12-LCM-015 that showed intermittent mineralization from approximately 100 metres downhole to the end of the hole at 300 metres. Results from hole 18 (23-LC-018) show radioactivity up to 8,000 cps was intersected in quartz-carbonate-graphitic structures at approximately 213 metres and intermittent anomalous radioactivity continues downhole to 417 metres, coinciding with an approximately 200-metre interval of intermittent anomalous structures in historical drillhole 12-LCM-015.

There are 2 significant results of hole 18 that require further geological work and are expected to be a focal point of the 2024 drill program. First, hole 18 (23-LC-018) appears to demonstrate downhole continuity from historical hole 12-LCM-015. Second, there are 2 wide intervals of 40.6 metres (324.2m-364.8m) and 21.3 metres (395.3 m-416.6 m) with up to 6,200 cps below the historical hole that ended at 300 metres.

Hole 16 (23-LC-016B) was designed to fill in an approximate 100-metre gap up-dip of historical drillhole 11-LC-005. Up to 3,090 cps was intersected in a quartz-carbonate vein, along strike of a historical intercept approximately 25 metres downhole.

Hole 17 (23-LC-017) was designed to test the continuity of structure and mineralization in the northwest extension of the Main Zone. Hole 17 is located 94 metres west of historical hole 11-LC-025 and approximately 150 metres along strike to the northwest of drillhole 23-LC-018. Hole 17 intersected 3 intervals of over 4 metres each with values of up to 870 cps in quartz-carbonate-hematite veining and trace graphite.

Table 1: Results from Phase 2 Drill Program at Angilak
CPS RangeEquivalent Times (x) Background of Max Value
Easting: 519795.7
Northing: 6939864.5
Elev: 205.5 m
Az: 25, Dip: -55
EOH: 234.0 m
28.5234.0205.5Backgroundx 1.0
Easting: 519322.2
Northing: 6939971.0
Elev: 211.2 mm
Az: 26, Dip: -55
EOH: 260.0 m
95.696.10.5130 ? 800x 4.0
125.6126.00.4200 ? 3,700x 18.5
Easting: 519669.7
Northing: 6939766.7
Elev: 204.3 Az: 26, Dip: -55
EOH: 197.0 m
112.1112.60.5230 ? 500x 2.5
Easting: 519002.3
Northing: 6939999.0
Elev: 214.2 m
Az: 24, Dip: -55
EOH: 317.0 m
55.558.83.3400 ? 3,700x 18.5 ? 2,500x 12.5
69.770.10.4500 ? 2,500x 12.5
70.770.90.2500 ? 800x 4.0
78.578.90.4500 ? 2,500x 12.5
Easting: 519489.8
Northing: 6939862.9
Elev: 208.5 m
Az: 26, Dip: -70
EOH: 266.1 m
165.4165.50.14,500x 22.5
218.0219.41.4715 ? 65,535x 328.0
Easting: 519002.3
Northing: 6939998.7
Elev: 214.2 m
Az: 24, Dip: -70
EOH: 362.0 m ? 7,000x 35.0
101.0104.73.7200 ? 1,700x 8.5
Easting: 519308.0
Northing: 6939835.3
Elev: 210.1 m
Az: 25, Dip: -60
EOH: 380.0 m
248.3248.90.6320 ? 910x 4.6
250.1250.30.2635 ? 800x 4.0
275.2275.40.2825 ? 850x 4.3
Easting: 518957.1
Northing: 6939964.1
Elev: 216.1 m
Az: 23, Dip: -74
EOH: 402.8 m
115.5115.70.21,000 ? 3,000x 15.0
125.9130.34.4130 ? 11,000x 55.0
131.1134.02.9130 ? 6,000x 3.0
142.9143.40.5600 ? 3,000x 15.0
164.0164.20.21,000 ? 1,500x 7.5
Easting: 519145.9
Northing: 6940063.5
Elev: 214.0 m
Az: 2, Dip: -72
EOH: 242.0 m ? 1,250x 6.3,000 ? 5,080x 25.4
58.759.20.5400 ? 3,390x 17.0
59.559.90.4600 ? 1,400x 7.0,410 ? 1,450x 7.3
62.462.60.2660 ? 775x 3.9
64.864.90.1850 ? 925x 4.7
75.575.70.21,100 ? 3,300x 16.5 ? 9,050x 45.3
175.2175.50.33,500 ? 7,400x 37.0
Easting: 519145.7
Northing: 6940062.9
Elev: 213.9 m
Az: 12, Dip: -85
EOH: 326.0 m
86.786.90.2900x 3.9
96.396.40.1770x 4.5
100.2101.00.86,750 ? 9,200x 46.0
106.0106.70.71,100 ? 14,450x 72.3
134.0134.20.2750 ? 2,200x 11.0
Easting: 518718.7
Northing: 6940232.1
Elev: 218.6 m
Az: 25, Dip: -54
EOH: 215.0 m
45.946.30.41,500 ? 2,000x 10.0
46.847.00.21,500 ? 2,000x 10.0
81.581.70.22,000 ? 3,500x 17.5
118.0118.20.21,000 ? 1,200x 6.0
133.4133.50.1900 ? 1,000x 5.0
170.7170.80.11,000 ? 2,000x 10.0
171.2171.70.5800 ? 21,000x 105.0
172.0172.10.11,000 ? 3,000x 15.0
Easting: 518458.1
Northing: 6940273.5
Elev: 233.6 m
Az: 26, Dip: -60
EOH: 347.0 m
72.873.50.7300 ? 800x 4.0
113.3113.50.2900 ? 1,200x 6.0
130.0130.30.3900 ? 1,000x 5.0
232.1232.40.3875 ? 1,400x 7.0
234.8235.91.1800 ? 15,000x 75.0
236.3236.70.4800 ? 1,300x 6.5
255.3255.50.21,000 ? 1,400x 6.5
282.9283.20.3800 ? 1,000x 5.0
286.6286.70.1800x 4.0
308.6308.70.11,000x 5.0
Easting: 519064.3
Northing: 6939973.8
Elev: 213.3 m
Az: 12, Dip: -80.5
EOH: 413.0 m
76.777.20.5650 ? 1,200x 6.0 ? 1,000x 5.0
84.684.80.2800 ? 1,100x 5.5
283.1283.70.6840 ? 5,740x 28.7
Easting: 518458.3
Northing: 6940273.9
Elev: 233.3 m
Az: 25, Dip: -70
EOH: 362.0 m
139.2139.30.11,000x 5.0
139.9140.30.41,000 ? 11,000x 55.0
258.6258.80.21,000 ? 3,500x 17.5
268.8268.90.11,000x 5.0
288.6288.70.12,600x 13.0
Easting: 518202.0
Northing: 6940390.5
Elev: 236.0 m
Az: 28, Dip: -60
EOH: 359.0 m
87.988.20.3970 ? 2,300x 11.5
170.5170.80.3805 ? 4,400x 22.0
230.0230.30.32,000 ? 24,500x 122.5
241.2241.30.1920x 4.6
274.5274.60.1970x 4.9
280.9281.00.1945x 4.7
282.0282.10.11,055x 5.3
282.5282.60.1720x 3.6
295.0295.20.2780 ? 1,300x 6.5
299.1299.50.4900 ? 30,800x 154.0
299.6300.00.4845 ? 10,375x 51.9
Easting: 518401.6
Northing: 6940485.8
Elev: 234.5 m
Az: 24, Dip: -60
EOH: 143.0 m
24.925.00.1897x 4.5 15.5
Easting: 518024.4
Northing: 6940421.3
Elev: 235.0 m
Az: 35, Dip: -45
EOH: 302.0 m
152.71574.3210 ? 870x 4.4
199.2203.34.10221 ? 770x 3.9
266.5270.84.3160 ? 710x 3.6
Easting: 518205.8
Northing: 6940320.3
Elev: 234.4 m
Az: 26, Dip: -60
EOH: 444.0 m ? 2,020x 10.1
112.9113.10.21,500 ? 1,600x 8.0
212.9213.60.7860 ? 8,000x 40.0
253.1253.30.21,100 ? 1,200x 6.0
262.3262.40.11,200x 6.0
300.7305.34.6170 ? 1,600x 8.0
324.2364.840.6170 ? 2,550x 12.8
395.3416.621.3170 ? 6,200x 31.0

1. See Figure 1 for drillhole locations.
2. Radioactivity is total gamma in cps (counts per second) measured directly from drill core using a recently calibrated RS230 spectrometer.
3. The Company considers all spectrometer readings greater than 200 cps to constitute elevated radioactivity, with background radioactivity measuring less than 200 cps. Anomalous radioactivity is defined as anything over 700 cps.
4. Measurements of cps on drill core are an indication of the presence of radioactive materials (uranium, thorium, and/or potassium), but may not directly correlate with uranium chemical assays. Total cps readings are preliminary and may not be used directly to quantify or qualify uranium concentrations of the rock samples measured.
5. All reported depths and intervals are drill hole depths and intervals, unless otherwise noted, and do not represent true thicknesses, which have yet to be determined.
6. Cps values are given as continuous composite elevated radioactivity (sum of drill core length greater than or equal to the minimum value for that interval). During logging, cps is measured as 10 cm intervals through the radioactive zone and 1 ? 2 m above and below into background radioactive core. This is performed when any measurements are above 200 cps. Data is measured and recorded by a trained geotechnician and verified by the onsite supervising geologist.
7. Previous drillhole location data updated with Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPSs) data.

Qualified Person (QP)

The technical information in this news release has been reviewed and approved by Nancy Normore, M.Sc., P.Geo, the Vice President of Exploration of Latitude Uranium, who is a "Qualified Person" (as defined in NI 43-101).

About Latitude Uranium Inc.

Latitude Uranium is exploring and developing two district-scale uranium projects in Canada. Our primary focus is expanding the resource base at Angilak, which ranks amongst the highest-grade uranium deposits globally, outside of the Athabasca. Additionally, we are advancing the CMB Project, situated in the prolific Central Mineral Belt in central Labrador adjacent to the Michelin Deposit, with numerous occurrences of uranium, copper and potential IOCG style mineralization.

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This news release contains "forward-looking information" within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws. "Forward-looking information" includes, but is not limited to, statements with respect to activities, events or developments that the Company expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future including, but not limited to, the expected timing and results of Phase 2 of the drill program; the Company's planned exploration focus for 2024; the Company's ongoing business plan, sampling, exploration and work programs. Generally, but not always, forward-looking information and statements can be identified by the use of words such as "plans", "expects", "is expected", "budget", "scheduled", "estimates", "forecasts", "intends", "anticipates", or "believes" or the negative connotation thereof or variations of such words and phrases or statements that certain actions, events or results "may", "could", "would", "might" or "will be taken", "occur" or "be achieved" or the negative connotation thereof.

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Forward-looking information and statements also involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties and other factors, which may cause actual results, performances and achievements of LUR to differ materially from any projections of results, performances and achievements of LUR expressed or implied by such forward-looking information or statements, including, among others: limited operating history, negative operating cash flow and dependence on third party financing, uncertainty of additional financing, delays or failure to obtain required permits and regulatory approvals, no known mineral resources/reserves, aboriginal title and consultation issues, reliance on key management and other personnel; potential downturns in economic conditions; availability of third party contractors; availability of equipment and supplies; failure of equipment to operate as anticipated; accidents, effects of weather and other natural phenomena and other risks associated with the mineral exploration industry; changes in laws and regulation, competition, and uninsurable risks, community relations, delays in obtaining governmental or other approvals and the risk factors with respect to LUR set out in LUR's annual information form in respect of the year ended November 30, 2022 filed with the Canadian securities regulators and available under LUR's profile on SEDAR at www.sedar.com.

Although LUR has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual actions, events or results to differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking information or implied by forward-looking information, there may be other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. There can be no assurance that forward-looking information and statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated, estimated or intended. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements or information. LUR undertakes no obligation to update or reissue forward-looking information as a result of new information or events except as required by applicable securities laws.

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