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Menopause Market to Grow Rapidly at a CAGR of 1.2% by 2032, Predicts DelveInsight

The menopause market is anticipated to surge significantly in the coming years due to the emergence of new products in the pipeline. In addition, persistently rising cases of menopause in the forecast period will help increase the menopause treatment market. 

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DelveInsight's Menopause Market Insights report includes a comprehensive understanding of current treatment practices, menopause emerging drugs, market share of individual therapies, and current and forecasted market size from 2019 to 2032, segmented into 7MM [the United States, the EU-4 (Italy, Spain, France, and Germany), the United Kingdom, and Japan].


Key Takeaways from the Menopause Market Report

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Menopause Overview

Menopause is a natural biological process that marks the end of a woman's reproductive years. It usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, with an average age of around 51. This phase is characterized by a decline in the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone, leading to the cessation of menstruation and fertility. The primary cause of menopause is the aging of the ovaries, which results in a reduced number of eggs and a decline in hormone production. However, certain medical procedures like hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy can induce menopause prematurely.

Menopause brings about a range of symptoms that can vary widely from woman to woman. Common menopause symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, vaginal dryness, and sleep disturbances. These symptoms occur due to the hormonal fluctuations that take place during the transition to menopause. Diagnosing menopause is often based on a woman's age, medical history, and symptoms. A key factor is the absence of menstruation for 12 consecutive months, signaling the end of the reproductive period. In some cases, healthcare providers may recommend blood tests to measure hormone levels, such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estrogen, to confirm the onset of menopause.

Menopause Epidemiology Segmentation

DelveInsight estimates that there were approximately 100 million total women in menopause in the 7MM in 2022.

For the age-specific analysis, the number of cases of menopause were distributed across various age groups, such as <40 years, 40?50 years, 51?60 years, and 61?65 years, in the 7MM. As per the analysis, the highest number of cases were estimated in the age-group 51-60 years and the lowest in <40 years with 64 million and 3.4 million cases, respectively in 2022.

The menopause market report proffers epidemiological analysis for the study period 2019?2032 in the 7MM segmented into:

Menopause Treatment Market 

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) suggests waiting until the hot flashes become troublesome to the woman before seeking treatment. The intensity of symptoms, an assessment of treatment-related risks, and the woman's views towards menopause and drugs should all be considered before starting treatment. Duavee (bazedoxifene acetate/conjugated estrogens) is the first and only medicine that combines CE with an estrogen agonist/antagonist, commonly known as a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), for the treatment of menopausal VMS. Duavee employs bazedoxifene rather than progestin to help protect the uterine lining from hyperplasia that may occur as a result of estrogen-only treatment.

Many women use non-prescription therapies to address disorders such as hot flashes, such as isoflavones, black cohosh, and progesterone-containing hormone lotions. The clinical evidence for the efficacy and long-term safety of these therapies is insufficient. Furthermore, most over-the-counter medications for hot flashes are classified as nutritional supplements and, as such, are not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Prescription medications for various purposes that have demonstrated some benefit in alleviating hot flashes are available for women who have hot flashes but cannot undergo hormone therapy. Certain prescription antidepressants may reduce hot flashes in women, including those with a history of breast cancer. Others include gabapentin, clonidine, and methyldopa. The NAMS recommends that women who need relief from mild menopause-related hot flashes first consider lifestyle changes such as manipulating the environment to keep the core body temperature cool, getting regular exercise, quitting smoking, and using relaxation techniques such as paced respiration.

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Key Menopause Therapies and Companies

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Menopause Market Dynamics

The menopause market dynamics are undergoing significant shifts as societal awareness of women's health and well-being continues to grow. With an aging population and increasing focus on women's empowerment, there's a heightened demand for innovative products and services addressing the physical and emotional challenges associated with menopause. This has spurred a surge in research and development, leading to the creation of a diverse range of hormone replacement therapies, herbal supplements, lifestyle apps, and personalized health plans

As more women seek effective and holistic solutions, companies are embracing a more consumer-centric approach, tailoring their offerings to individual needs and preferences. Additionally, discussions around menopause are becoming less taboo, allowing for open dialogue and information-sharing, further shaping the menopause market dynamics by fostering a supportive ecosystem for women navigating this life stage.

However, despite the potential for growth, this menopause market is not without its barriers. Stringent regulatory processes for hormonal treatments and supplements, coupled with concerns about product safety and efficacy, pose challenges for menopause market entrants. Additionally, cultural stigmas and misinformation surrounding menopause still exist in certain societies, inhibiting open discussions and the adoption of new solutions. Economic disparities and limited access to healthcare further compound these issues, preventing equal menopause market penetration. Overcoming these barriers requires a multi-faceted approach, involving education, regulatory reforms, and inclusive product development, to truly tap into the menopause market's potential.

Report Metrics


Study Period



7MM [The United States, the EU-4 (Germany, France, Italy, and Spain), the United Kingdom, and Japan]

Menopause Market CAGR

1.2 %

Menopause Market Size in 2022

USD 11 Billion

Key Menopause Companies

Viramal Limited, Simbec Research, Estetra, Mithra Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Nerre Therapeutics Ltd., Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America Inc., MenoGeniX, QUE Oncology, Fervent Pharmaceuticals, and others

Key Menopause Therapies

Transdermal Estradiol Cream (VML-0203), DONESTA (E4, Estetrol), Elinzanetant (BAY3427080), MT-8554 (Elismetrep), MNGX-100 (Filgrastim/G-CSF), Q-122 (MSX-122), FP-101, and others


Scope of the Menopause Market Report

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Table of Contents


Menopause Market Key Insights


Menopause Market Report Introduction


Menopause Market Overview at a Glance


Menopause Market Executive Summary


Disease Background and Overview


Menopause Treatment and Management


Menopause Epidemiology and Patient Population


Patient Journey


Menopause Marketed Drugs


Menopause Emerging Drugs


Seven Major Menopause Market Analysis


Menopause Market Outlook


Potential of Current and Emerging Therapies


KOL Views


Unmet Needs


SWOT Analysis




DelveInsight Capabilities




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