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Partnership With Native Americans' "Native Nations" Video Airs on PTV

Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) releases video for PTV stations nationwide, bringing awareness to challenges and opportunities facing tribes today

DALLAS, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Many Americans are surprised by the challenges currently facing this country's first Americans, including food insecurity, contaminated water and barriers to education. Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA), a Native-led nonprofit, releases a video for airing on PTV that explains some of the core challenges and opportunities facing tribes today ? on reservations and in urban areas.

The video "Native Nations Today" shows these obstacles stem from systematic policies designed to isolate and essentially imprison Native peoples. Disrupting the ancestral ways of life for Native Americans, these policies are the root causes of the challenges the video illuminates. The video was produced by Viewpoint With Dennis Quaid.

Today, food insecurity impacts one in four Native families that struggle daily to get the fresh, nourishing foods they need to stay healthy. The USDA considers many reservation communities to be rural food deserts, devoid of fresh fruits and vegetables and 10 miles or more from the nearest grocery store. For many tribal communities, the nearest store is an hour away. Contaminated water is a year-round issue in some areas too, forcing families to haul water for drinking, bathing, cooking or even cattle and crops.

More Native youth and adults are pursuing higher education. Yet, these students still contend with economic barriers, lack of internet and societal bias, challenging access to college or vocational training. Tribes know the solutions that work for their communities, but funding has not kept pace ? less than one percent of US charitable giving supports Native causes.

"Partnership With Native Americans works to help Indian Country overcome these challenges," said Joshua Arce, president and CEO of PWNA. "Why us? We are Native-led, we know the history of the people and we connect with the Tribal communities we serve."

To view "Native Nations Today," visit www.nativepartnership.org/PTV.

About Partnership With Native Americans

Partnership With Native Americans is a national, Native-led nonprofit championing hope for a brighter future for Native Americans living on remote, geographically isolated reservations. Established in 1990, PWNA collaborates with tribal programs to address immediate relief and long-term solutions such as education, emergency preparedness and food security, improving the lives of 250,000 tribal citizens annually. Follow PWNA on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn and NativePartnership.org.

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